The matching platform for Covid-19 needed products for health facilities and companies goes live

Today the project Europe vs Covid-19 announces that it is live.

Europe vs Covid-19 is a simple platform to share and match the needs of health facilities with the goods manufactured by companies or businesses (SMEs or corporates) switching production within the European Union. With this announcement the initiators kindly invite both, health organizations and companies, to go to the website and provide information about respective needs and available products.

“Soon after the crisis started, we realized that established supply chains for medical products urgently needed in the Covid-19 crisis have been interrupted. At the same time, we see a global increase in demand for many important products while e.g. national interests in the countries of the producer impose difficulties with their distribution”, say the initiators.

Also, this interruption poses difficulties for the usual way of procurement as the process and contacts need to be redefined.

A platform to quickly organize an overview for companies and medical facilities

In order to facilitate the process of finding these products and to provide an organized way of bundling the information the initiators, of Europe vs Covid-19 Marika Francia and Arnbjörn Eggerz, created a simple platform.
It offers two simple functionalities: Both for companies and hospitals or every state/non-state organization responsible for the procurement of medical and similar products.

Health facilities or other organizations responsible for the procurement of such goods are invited to first make use of the list and then indicate their needs.

At the same time, the platform addresses companies within the European Union member states that are able to produce these products as well as to companies able to quickly adjust their production to these goods.


Goals of the platform

Asked about the goals, the initiators explained that it is uttermost important to contribute to stop the shortage of medical/hygiene products and other products needed by these structures.

“At the same time, we want to encourage political measures in Europe to avoid bidding fights and stockpiling of goods in one county urgently needed in another member state.” This is best supported by showing that we are able to produce many products in Europe. In fact, we see this as a first private sector support to the European Union initiative – rescEU stockpile.

By providing public institutions, hospitals, and other health facilities with a quick and organized overview of companies that can provide products either immediately or by adapting existing supplies to the currently needed specifications.

Finally, by the creation of a European database for companies with products suiting the healthcare sector all over the European Union it is hoped to also support the economy and facilitate reshoring of production.

About the initiative

The project “Europe vs Covid-19” is promoted by “Europe acts”, a non for profit, private initiative by European citizens. It unites several different actions following a European Union wide, integrative approach.

As first project it promotes a private sector initiative among companies to secure production of important medical goods in the European Union.

As second project is an open letter regarding the debate about solidarity within the European Union and Eurobonds/Coronabonds.

Further projects to facilitate the situation for private persons are in preparation.

Initiators are Arnbjörn Eggerz, Consultant and Marika Francia, Linguist, and. Both have long term experience in the private sector, speak several European languages and worked and lived in different EU member states.

They are supported by a small team and a number of volunteers.

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