OnTime Books Set To Take The Greek Literary World By Storm With Unprecedented 17 Titles In 17 Different Categories

OnTime Books Set To Take The Greek Literary World By Storm With Unprecedented 17 Titles In 17 Different Categories

(April 9, 2020)—OnTime Books is a British book translating company that translates and publishes specifically Greek-authored books to English.

With its first operations on the 15th of February, OnTime Books boasts as the only publishing company in the world that offers such services. The company is growing in unparalleled leaps and already breaking records as it became the first publishing house in world publishing history with 17 titles in 17 different categories in one month from the same publisher.

Though the World is going digital, with a plethora of modern literature being churned out on E-book formats, OnTime Books believes there’s still a greater percentage of people who prefer to read hardcopy. In fact, according to a Pew Research Centre survey conducted on January, 8 to February 7, 2019, print books remains the most popular format for reading, with 65% of adults saying they had read a print book in the year before the survey.

Based in London, OnTime Books is on a mission to find the best Greek Authors and translate their books to publish them in the English market. The company painstakingly combs through wads of manuscripts to bring its readers the highest quality works from emerging and established authors alike. 

OnTime Books is very versatile in their craft. They offer a full range of language services including localisation and transcription. They provide translation in a wide range of languages—and will always endeavour to find linguists no matter how unusual the language. They also translate all types of content: from business reports, to specialist materials.

OnTime Books, at the moment, translates only Greek authors. According to the Operation Manager, Dimitrios Christodoulou—a multi-skilled writer for more than 25 years in Greek, (advertisement writer) English, (television, Amazon) and American market (Netflix). ‘Our book translations are carried out at the highest accuracy and quality levels as we only work with experienced translators, linguists, and language experts. We are aware of all the intricacies and nuances required to translate a book into a different language. Adequate care is taken regarding all aspects of literature and grammar so that the information translated is perfect without missing any essential points of the book.”

Among its many services, the company also offers Book Proofreading and Editing, Cover Design and Layout, as well as Worldwide Distribution; with published books shipped to more than 40.000 bookstores, in Canada, USA, England and Australia.

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Dimitrios Christodoulou

Operation Manager

Spyros Argeitis, contact person

Office administration

Marianna Nikolaou

International Rights


Mobile: 07308243389

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