LyricalGenes Advocates For Women Especially In The Music Industry

From start to finish LyricalGenes tells a mood fluctuating story through every song. For example, LyricalGenes advocates for women in his song, “Alright” by putting women on a powerful pedestal. With LyricalGenes being raised by women due to an absent father, Dana Burtin (LyricalGenes) understands the adversity that women have to go through everyday in the world. In particular, the music realm incorporates women into videos to be sexualized in order to sell and promote records, videos, and more to gain traction for an artists career; therefore, helping the represented label earn revenue. Nowadays with women being represented as sex symbols, LyricalGenes proclaims to all women to remain strong figures in a world that can misrepresent who they are through music videos, television, and more. LyricalGenes stands against music videos and songs that help promote the misogyny of women at all costs.

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