Second-Hand Bike Sales Surge As Families Take To The Saddle To Cope During Lockdown

‘More families choose cycling to boost health and well-being’

Cheshire UK, Monday 06 May 2020 – As life across the world continues to be turned upside down courtesy of the global health crisis, the UK has seen a resurgence of the simpler things, as families up and down the nation look to get back in the saddle.

Since the first period of lock-down took hold, the second-hand online market has seen sales of used bikes and gym equipment surge beyond expectation, as the nation continues to use lock-down as an opportunity to take better care of health and fitness. Recent figures from used bike specialist ‘’ indicate that the increased interest and popularity is set to continue, with strong daily visitor numbers and sales holding steady.

Website Manager at and, Chris Brown said: “Whilst many parts of the retail market are suffering terribly, it seems that the popularity of used bikes and gym equipment is soaring. We’ve seen consistently high numbers of enquiries from people across the UK looking to find second-hand equipment – everything from mountain and spinning bikes, to cross trainers and treadmills.”

Chris continued: “Whilst this period in our history is undoubtedly one of sadness and anxiety for many, it’s heartening to see families everywhere spending more quality time together looking after their health. Last year, the National Travel Survey estimated around 20 million people own a bicycle, it would be fantastic for the nation’s health if we exit the health crisis with even more people enjoying cycling.”

“Not only is cycling a fantastic, free way of getting around but it’s also a great way to look after your health whilst spending quality time with your family during lock-down. High-end bikes can be really expensive, however buying second hand is a very affordable way of finding yourself new wheels without the hefty price tag!”

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