A group of Italian mammas launch DIY meal kits

Following the successful soft launch of “Mamma’s Survival pack”, after the temporary closing of the restaurant back in March, the group of Italian mothers who usually run the kitchen in King’s Road restaurant La Mia Mamma, in Chelsea, decided to push themselves further and offer home cooked Mamma’s “DIY” and ready meals boxes all over the UK.

Mamma Anna, leader of the “Mammas Squad”, explains that, at the beginning, she wanted to make Londoners feel part of a big multicultural family during the lockdown being herself mother of four expats and knowing very well how it feels to have “piezz e core” (pieces of heart) not under the same roof, this was clearly her call.

The news spread along quickly and so the Mammas were showered with emails and requests from Manchester, Cornwall, Bristol, Nottingham, Leeds and even Ireland and France. People started
purchasing “Mamma’s pack” from the United States, New Zealand and Italy (of course) and the reasons weren’t just survival-related but mainly expressions of love to friends in lockdown, new born babies and birthdays, made a bit less lonely while celebrated on a video call rather than around a table.

“Being an active part of such an unexpected chain of love, was something we couldn’t even dream about on day one” says Mamma Anna and explains that what she’s been doing with Mamma Sara and Mamma Rosanna is nothing but sharing the Italian tradition of sending “ il pacco“ (the pack) filled with regional food. The “pacco” is sent to family and relatives who live far from home and it’s such an Italian way of bringing back people to their own roots and land.

Now that “Mamma’s Survival pack” ( £ 118 big and £ 70 small) has supported many people during the hard times of grocery shopping with a mix of basics for the pantry, fresh handmade cheeses, ready meals, charcuteries, arancini, DIY pasta, pizza and cannoli kit; this group of brave ladies have prepared different new packs to cover any kind of occasion and cooking skills!

Among the others, there are some highlight-worth packs, such as:

● The DIY “MAMMA’S CLASSICS”: for the fresh filled ravioli lover and for those who want to get a bit entertained while enjoying the taste of a slow cooked meal.

This pack is for at least 2 people and contains:
● a batch of 600 gr fresh pasta dough,
● 2 piping bags with different pasta fillings,
● Fresh tomato sauce to pair and fresh sage,
● Bread
● aperitivo mix: aubergines in olive oil, sun dried tomatoes and olives
● 500 gr of mini arancini e croquette as starters,
● Chicken rolls stuffed with eggs, smoked mozzarella, parmesan & mortadella as a main
● Frittata di patate (Mamma‘s style potato omelette) as a side
● 2 Desserts
Price: £ 35

The “SUNDAY IN… ” collection: a gastronomic tour in some of the most beautiful cities in Italy.  Starting with Bologna, Napoli and Genova, each pack will immediately take you to a typical Sunday lunch!

This pack includes:
● a bottle of Italian wine,
● ready to bake lasagna or pasta kit (depending on the city you chose) as a first course,
● ready to eat main such as Italian style meatloaf
● “make your own” Mamma’s Pistachio Tiramisù kit dessert
Price: £ 35

with Negroni, Aperol spritz and cheeky bites coming soon!

The packages are not only made with love, but will also spread the love as 2% of the price will be donated
to our crowdfunding on GoFundMe aimed to support the NHS with food and protective gear.

As a way to say GRAZIE for the support, the Mammas decided to introduce a referral program where each first order made through a friend’s referral link will get a free pack and, on the referrer side,
every 3 friends on board will unlock a free pack as well!

All “Mamma’s packs” are available on: https://www.lamiamamma.co.uk/orderonline

More info about the fundraising campaign: gf.me/u/xrwqy8

257 King’s Road, London, SW3 5EL

Instagram: @lamiamammalondon

Facebook: @lamiamammalondon

Twitter: Lamiamamma_

For press enquiries please contact Krisha info@lamiamamma.co.uk

About La mia Mamma restaurant
A special restaurant in Chelsea where real Italian Mammas (mothers) are “imported” from Italy to run the kitchen preparing home cooked traditional regional recipes hard to find in “normal” restaurants.

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