Uber Partners With Go Dharmic to #Movewhatmatters Providing Oxygen Relief Across India in Covid Crisis

The Global humanitarian organisation Go Dharmic (GD) has partnered with Uber India.  Uber is facilitating much needed mobility and logistical support to voluntary efforts across India aiding throughout the Covid crisis. Over 1000 vital trips have been completed across multiple Indian cities helping people with critical needs. People in need of the service have been communicating via the Go Dharmic app and phone lines to receive immediate assistance and delivery of supplies to hospitals, hospices, family members and friends across the country.

The service is operational in the following cities: Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Delhi & Ahmedabad and more cities are being added daily. This vital mobility support provides Covid-related assistance and Go Dharmic has been extending this support to many other charitable partner organisations.

“Uber is delighted to partner with Go Dharmic for supporting emergency COVID relief efforts to help overcome the deadly second wave of COVID in India.  We remain committed to supporting our communities by offering free rides to #MoveWhatMatters, including life-saving oxygen cylinders, concentrators and medical supplies for strengthening our healthcare system and building hope during India’s hour of need!”

– Prabhjeet Singh, President, Uber India and South Asia.

“The leveraging the Uber network provides great assistance to the volunteers who are working day and night to help alleviate this terribly difficult situation.  We are offering support to Covid relief centres, hospitals and families in distress.  This is work is our highest responsibility and dharma”

-Hanuman Dass, Founder of Go Dharmic

Over the past three weeks, Go Dharmic has served aid to over 40,000 beneficiaries across the country, in the form of fresh meals, medical supplies, hospital beds, ration kits and oxygen cylinders, flow meters and concentrators. The charity has also delivered oxygen concentrators dispatched directly from the UK to India. The global Indian Diaspora has also rallied around Go Dharmic’s fundraising efforts which raised over $250K to continue supporting saving lives.

‘Coming across Go Dharmic and knowing about this service enabled me to avail safe travel in these unprecedented times. With all safety precautions being followed and a quick response from the team, I was assured to get vaccinated safely and in time.’

– Charu (Individual who connected via social media, as she needed transport for her vaccination)

The partnership between GD and Uber India is to fight against the Covid-19 virus hitting India hard now, and for organisations to come together to help those in need and to #Movewhatmatters together. Go Dharmic’s volunteers have been working tirelessly to serve people 24 hours a day, and this partnership will significantly scale up the relief efforts that continues to need to be made.

Anyone in need of help to collect medicines, refilling of oxygen cylinders, or delivering help for a hospital can tag Go Dharmic on Twitter @godharmic.

To get involved or donate visit www.godharmic.com or download the Go Dharmic app. #GDonWheels  #godharmic #oxygenforindia  #Movewhatmatters

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Editor’s Notes- About Go Dharmic:

Go Dharmic is an international charity organisation bringing people together to spread love and compassion through social action campaigns.  Inspired by ‘Dharma’, volunteers from all backgrounds come together to work on projects for the Environment, Food Poverty, Education, Disaster Relief and much more. Its aim is to bring people together to have ‘compassion in action’, and is set on the three pillars: compassion, volunteers and collaborative partners as a driving force to dharma-to ‘love all’, ‘feed all’ and ‘serve all’.

Throughout the pandemic, Go Dharmic volunteers have distributed over 1 million meals to the homeless, struggling international students, vulnerable school families and to isolated elderly people. They have 10 street food distributions across the UK.  Internationally, the charity has served up over 4 million meals worth of food including many disaster relief efforts.

Email: info@godharmic.com Phone: +442071128853

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/godharmic  Website: https://www.godharmic.com

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