Online Exhibitions and Other News from Avanguardian Gallery London

Online Exhibitions and Other News from Avanguardian Gallery London

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Avanguardian Gallery is in the process of profiling featured artworks with the aim to promote the avant-garde art and modernism as art movement and artists influenced by dadaism and later styles such as abstract expressionism, surrealism, pop art and minimalism. 

You can find a lot of useful content on their website, from learning more about the featured artists to a number of featured online exhibitions with free access on their website. The main contents:

  • Francesca Bortolaso and the Wonder of her Artworks

Exhibition ‘Francesca Bortolaso and the Wonder of her Glass Artworks’ aims to present the glass processing techniques and how a creation of her glass art looks in practice. Her artworks primarily involves the creation of interior design objects like vessels, lamps, panels, tiles, furniture knobs, tables, mirror frames and more.

  • Mario Fior’s 3D Virtual Art Gallery 

This online exhibition includes 60 artworks which are based on abstract, black and white, urban and art photography and visitors will be able to see the variety of subjects transformed into fantastic artworks.

  • Stan de Longeaux’s ‘City Instants’ 

Stan de Longeaux’s recent individual exhibition ‘City Instants’ will be replayed on 16th May 2020 from 6pm BST on The exhibition was based on black&white street art photography taken in the period from April 2017 – May 2018 in Paris, Berlin, London, Monte-Carlo and Toulon streets. 

  • MOVING GHOSTS ongoing photo project by Melting Giraffe

Jacob Buchanan is a photographer & multi-media artist. Operating under the pseudonym Melting Giraffe, he often deals in themes of dissociation, identity, and the suggestion of narrative. / / MOVING | | GHOSTS / / is an ongoing project that he started at the beginning of 2019 where he was collaborating with people to create portraits in locations important for them while wearing their favorite outfit.

  • There are also more news that you may wish to take a look at their website. Avanguardian gallery introduced gift cards that can be a perfect gift for your beloved. 
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We will be updating our network on further developments on a regular basis. Take care and keep safe!

Avanguardian Gallery London

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