Serverspace – the first vStack provider

Serverspace deployed a new vStack Enterprise-Level Hyper-Converged Platform on its infrastructure, becoming the first provider to put the platform into commercial operation.

Hyperconverged platform vStack is a unified architecture of software-defined modules using the best Open Source technologies. Based on vStack, which is deployed in data centres in New Jersey and Amsterdam, Serverspace offers the VPS-server rental service.

Unique Virtualization Technology

vStack allows to quickly increase the power of the VPS server by increasing the resources of CPU, RAM and SSD. High performance is provided by Intel Xeon Scalable v2 CPUs and high-speed flash storage with an IOPS score of up to 30 000.

One of the features of the platform is the impossibility of overselling: the client uses the computing resources of each virtual server 100%. If the physical host fails, the VPS will automatically restart on the new physical host.

Ready-made virtual server configurations are deployed in just 1 minute. Also, a free period is available for testing VPS.

About Serverspace

Serverspace – a cloud provider whose infrastructure is located in reliable data centres in the Netherlands, the USA and Belarus. Initially, the company offered virtual hosting services in Russia, but since 2019 it has been actively developing foreign markets. Among the serverspace services are rental of VPS servers, remote desktops (RDP), virtual infrastructure based on VMware (IaaS), object storage, DNS hosting and more. Shortly – the expansion of points of presence around the world, as well as the launch of new cloud services.

About vStack

vStack is an enterprise-level hyper converged platform developed by ITGLOBAL.COM LABS. The platform is a unified infrastructure of software-defined data centre modules using the best Open Source technologies: OS FreeBSD, ZFS file system and bhyve hypervisor. Due to the synergistic effect of these technologies, vStack has high performance, especially at the network stack level. In essence, the platform is an alternative to VMware – more affordable, but no less effective.

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