BOOM Software launches 2nd phase of

BOOM Software launches 2nd phase of, a video CV submission platform for Recruitment Companies and Company Recruiters not only looking to find stand out Candidates but also to stand out to their Clients!

BOOM Software, one of the UK’s leading developers in digital platforms today announced the 2nd phase launch of, a website that helps Recruiters submit Candidates video CVs to their Clients.

With its unique tools, Recruiters can quickly ask a Candidate to create and upload a video CV and make a submission to them, helping Recruiters make faster decisions on candidate suitability for roles, shortlist and submit to their Client. BOOM Software aims to disrupt the traditional relationship between Recruiters, Job Seekers and Clients by enabling candidates to send an interview video in their application through to the Recruitment Company.

Recruiters can access the platform’s advanced tools, analytics to measure CV open rates and many more features. Through its interactive dashboard, Recruiters can also manage their Candidates uploaded videos and tailor their message for each of their Clients. Additional features include trackable links that Recruiters can send out in their email cover letters, as well as an internal search engine where Candidates can connect directly with the companies and recruitment agencies.

Recruiters can access the platform for a 14-day FREE trial. Candidates can also sign up to to connect directly with Recruiters and cut through the noise by sending highly targeted video CVs straight to their inbox.

To discover more about visit the website or sign up for a free 14 day free trial account to get started.


Created by UK entrepreneur Russ Whitlock, is a digital CV submission platform that helps candidates find their dream job and stand out from the crowd. Launched in September 2020 the candidate’s platform, the platform has a number of candidates using its advanced tools to create and manage video CVs.

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