PC Guard Software Copy Protection System 06.00.0670 has been released.

This update brings some new features, improvements and fixes.

What’s new:

[+] ACEN Web licensing: New timing options for “Make license alive report to ACEN server” and “Check if license is removed from ACEN server” options.

“once a week” and “once a month” options were added to existing “on each run” and “once a day” options so it is now possible to choose between four different timing options.

“Once a week” means that appropriate action will be done every 7 days and “once a month” every 30 days starting from first run.

[+] ACEN Web licensing: Action threshold option added for both “Make license alive report to ACEN server” and “Check if license is removed from ACEN server” options.

Threshold value is defined as number of consecutive failed tasks before selected action is taken.

Valid values for threshold are 0-99 where 0 means no threshold (default).

Failed tasks counter will be reset to zero after each successful task.

Different counters of failed tasks are kept for both options.

“If report fails” (“If check fails”) option is set to “do nothing” threshold value is ignored (action threshold option will be disabled).

Threshold value is valid for “show error” and “show error and exit” actions only.


If action threshold for “If report fails” option is set to 7, protection code will display error message or display error message and exit application only after 7 consecutive failed attempts to connect to ACEN server. This means that in case timing option is set to “once a day” error message will be displayed on 7th day of consecutive failed attempts.

[+] Protection report will now include information about web licensing interface modules used during protection process (name/version/checksum).

[+] Web licensing interface modules information is now displayed in remote protection ACEN settings panel.

[+] Machine locking: NET ID: added support for SDIO network adapters.

Protection code will now also detect and use SDIO network adapters for generating NET ID (MAC address locking).

[+] .NET Windows service protection sample project (net_win_service) added.

[!] Few other minor fixes, optimizations and security improvements. https://www.sofpro.com/pc-guard

Trial versions can be requested online: https://www.sofpro.com



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