The Red Opera RPG is a 5E Campaign, featuring, for the first time ever, a blood-soaked journey through a Warlock ruled city, teeming with magic, & betrayal.


The Red Opera RPG is a 5E Campaign, featuring, for the first time ever, a blood-soaked journey through a Warlock ruled city, which explores the occult nature of Patrons, sending players on a twisting saga through a dark and dangerous realm teeming with intrigue, magic, death, & betrayal.

Official Kickstarter Campaign is launching late summer 2020, however, the Kickstarter “Pre-Launch Page” is live now, ready for new players and fans. Click the “Notify me on Launch” button to be alerted when this exciting adventure begins!

The Red Opera is an extensive, player-driven campaign designed for 5th edition, drawing inspiration from DiAmorte’s symphonic rock album of the same name, centered upon the oft-overlooked and much-misunderstood class: Warlocks. Does this mean, you wonder, that all the players must be Warlocks to partake of the story’s wonders? No, no… certainly not. All are welcome in the Shadelands, the all-new realm where the events unfold. For anyone in the Shadelands, be they adventurer, noblemen, or a thief can strike a temporary bargain with one of its many Patrons. Bring along your existing higher-tier campaign and characters following a mysterious trail, or wander the Shadelands as entirely fresh characters experiencing adventure for the first time. The Red Opera can easily be scaled to suit all tiers of play, and each of the ten acts contained within offer boundless opportunities for sidequests and improvisation.

Kickstarter Campaign Launch: Summer 2020

-Full, 80,000+ word campaign for all tiers of play. Can be run either as a Tier 4, level 20 adventure; or be scaled to a level 1 beginner campaign.
-Designed for Storytellers; giving tools such as setting updates, side quests and possible story branches, and three-beat story structure for each act.
-Multiple endings based on player choice where the party can dictate the future of the Shadelands and shape the destiny of things to come.

“The Red Opera is a 10-Act Storytelling RPG Masterpiece.” —James McClellan Dorton III, Black Crown Initiate, Doom Eternal, and The Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Available in Digital, Standard Hardcover, and Special Edition Hardcover, each physical copy is constructed with the highest quality inks, paper, and foil, featuring an elegant metallic stamp on the front of the book, and foil bookplates.

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