Is Covid-19 impacting your companies financials? Here’s a work around


Crowdfunding is raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. Online Crowdfunding usually starts with running a campaign on any of the Crowdfunding platforms. The success of the campaign rests upon the story behind it and how effectively you can convey that story to a larger audience. 

Earlier, Crowdfunding was synonymous with raising money for medical and social causes, however, now crowdfunding has gained popularity among artists, filmmakers, people who make handmade goods, entrepreneurs, and others who not only use it as a tool to initiate their work but also to develop their business in the market. 

The most important benefit of Crowdfunding is that it increases the scope and reach of a project if marketed right. Family, friends, fans, and people with similar interests come to support you from all the corners of the world so that you can fulfill your dream which needs financing but doesn’t qualify for traditional financing options available.

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