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Skillmill, a recently launched social network and business platform for the creative industry, aims to connect talent with opportunity.

Vienna, May 2020 – While global suffering from COVID-19 remains great, Skillmill is striving to stay positive and provide support for the creative community. This is done primarily by working to ensure that new job offers are posted to the Skillmill site and matched with the best possible creative. Bringing clients and creatives together – that is the goal.

But there’s another aspect that Skillmill would also like to stimulate. As a hub for a very broad range of sectors, Skillmill acts a melting pot for creative professionals with all sorts of specialties and backgrounds, causing projects to germinate and innovation to flourish. This provides rich ground for creatives not only to find new jobs, but to discover, connect, and smoothly collaborate with one another as well.

Skillmill offers the creative community the space and infrastructure it needs to work together and co-create, making it possible to start a profile for free, upload a portfolio, and connect with others. Skillmill’s Messenger function is a great way to contact businesses and creatives without even being connected members. This is an invaluable way to establishing a rich network of associates, colleagues, and clients.

The Skillmill network focuses solely on the creative market – which ranges from advertising and graphic design to architecture, web development, and much more. Thousands of creatives are already members and the community is growing steadily. As more businesses and entrepreneurs discover Skillmill and begin to actively post jobs the foundation for healthy business activity is laid.

Skillmill co-founder and CCO Ute Leonhartsberger notes: “The industry is going through a massive rough patch. However, ways for creatives to get through this do exist. One way is collaboration, an excellent tool for broadening creative scope and, depending on the type of partnership, lead to new or expanded skill sets. The increased flexibility of collaboration can make it possible to take on larger assignments, resulting in greater economic stability. Collaborating with other individuals or networks of professionals increases the palette of services that can be offered, making it possible for creative entrepreneurs to offer new, all-inclusive packages to their clients.”

Skillmill encourages creatives to support and guide one another. We need to stick together as a community and grow stronger as a whole. Cohesion and unity can lead to innovative new connections, transcending borders and opening up unique niche markets.

“Collaborating across the borders of a branch fosters innovation and is a crucial aspect of the development of the creative economy as a whole. That’s why Skillmill is pleased to help creatives work together,” says Max Hareiter, Skillmill co-founder and CEO.

About Skillmill
Skillmill is first and foremost a networking and jobs platform for creative professionals and businesses, but future goals go far beyond. Skillmill is on its way to becoming an international platform for collaboration and innovation among the cultural and creative industries. Currently, the Skillmill team is working on several new features dedicated to nurturing the creative environment. New members can sign up to see what it is all about (and how Skillmill helps jumpstart work worlds)!

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