Eco-pod breaks set to soar as Brits opt for staycations says Philip Doleman

Eco-pod breaks set to soar as Brits opt for staycations says Philip Doleman

With UK holidaymakers set to take their breaks on home soil for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus crisis, eco-pods could be one of the most popular ways they choose to staycation.

With thousands of Brits having lost out on holidays abroad already this year, sales of eco-pod holidays are set to rise.

Eco-pods, which are minimalistic and located in beautiful settings such as woodlands, countryside and lake areas, provide the perfect retreat for those looking for a relaxing trip away – if only for a few nights. 

And with a great summer on the way, why not try something a bit different?

We’ve all been camping and some of us have experienced ‘glamping’… the past decade has all been about adventurous traveller-types who are quick to post on Instagram that they’ve been sipping hibiscus tea in their tipis.

But now something else is leading the way when it comes to unique places to stay, so yurts, move aside. Eco-pods, hello.

The popularity of mini-breaks combined with Brexit and COVID-19 fears, have somewhat assisted the UK’s leisure and tourism industry with a major boost. And with a resurgence of ‘homemade’, ‘vintage’ and ‘Best of British’ in the explosion of micro-breweries and crafty markets, it’s never been a better time for these types of holiday lets.

Philip Doleman, who creates pod living developments, says the fact that eco pods are lovingly handmade with natural materials sourced from surrounding landscapes and that makes them a major attraction.

“Providing immediate access to beautiful countryside or forests, these homes away from home provide a secluded wand comfy place to stay where you can completely zone out, cook a meal and enjoy some quality family time after a lovely day out.”