Multinational Co-Production Plans Stellar Cast Headed By Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

Toronto, Canada. June 5, 2020. Veni Vici Entertainment has several Sino-Holly-Bolly-Films in development with stories that play out in two or more countries and call for multinational, multi-racial casts to provide content to which large international audiences can relate.

The first of these films, “GOOD GUYS, INTERNATIONAL,” plays out in America, China, India, Japan, the U.K., and Europe. It involves fun-loving, potential action heroes from the U.S., China, India, Japan and the U.K. They trek to a famous European music festival where they find themselves in a terrorist attack that takes a multi-billionaire hostage.

Andrew Halmay, head of Veni Vici Entertainment, seeks Jackie Chan as a retired detective and music lover to represent China, Prince Harry, portraying a soldier who just completed a stint with The French Foreign Legion, to represent the U.K., and, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, to portray an American who just graduated from a police academy. The Japanese and Indian cast members are still under discussion.

Halmay explains, “I have had my eye on Prince Harry since he was a toddler. He seemed born with an overabundance of joy. I would break out in a smile every time I saw a picture of him, and I always felt the camera would love him. But how does one approach a prince and ask him to give up his royal duties to become an actor?” He adds, “Now the situation has changed.”

Halmay, is talking co-production with studios in the five relevant countries. Production for GOOD GUYS, INTERNATIONAL is planned for summer of 2021.

About Veni Vici Entertainment Inc. an Ontario corporation with film, TV, music, and book publishing divisions, headed by Andrew Halmay, a multi-award winning writer-director-producer in theater, radio, TV, films and advertising. Veni Vici is presently also in development with THE P.P. GUY, a film and a TV series, which will introduce an unprecedented, disruptive concept in the $20 Billion product placement industry.

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