New UK spirits brand Jatt Life makes its mark with its ultra-premium orange and pineapple vodka

A brand-new twin infusion ultra-premium vodka that delivers a rich blend of orange and pineapple has been launched worldwide by exciting new UK spirits brand Jatt Life.

The latest addition to the company’s fast-growing range, the five-times distilled French grain 37.5% ABV vodka is infused with a blend of zesty orange and sweet pineapple flavours to give it a fruity twist.

London-based Jatt Life launched its first premium vodka earlier this year and it enjoyed strong sales among discerning drinkers looking to enliven the coronavirus lockdown by exploring new high-quality spirits.

It followed it up with its own superior whiskey, an Irish blend aged in sherry oak casks, but is now seeking to make a name in the spirits market with dual flavour vodkas, with four further flavours currently in development and due to be rolled out over the next six months.

Aman Singh, marketing manager for Jatt Life, said the new orange and pineapple vodka is a smooth high-end product that is made from the finest ingredients and fully embodies the rich and luxurious spirit that Jatt Life is looking to create.

He said: “Jatt Life is all about enjoying the best that life has to offer and we’re thrilled to have launched our orange and pineapple vodka, which delivers a lovely blend of flavours and can be enjoyed on the rocks.

“It’s been a challenging time to launch a new vodka brand, but we’ve had some excellent feedback from customers who really know their vodka and are appreciating the high-end, luxury taste that we work hard to create.

“We believe there is huge untapped potential for premium dual flavour vodkas and we’re looking forward to sharing more of our exciting flavours with our customers over the next few months.”

Jatt Life’s orange and pineapple premium vodka is currently available at £29.99 a bottle (700ml) via its website at

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