NEW! UrgentOrtho Service Announcement – PR Fire

NEW! UrgentOrtho Service Announcement – PR Fire


Same Day Appointments In-Clinic vs.Urgent Care / ER

Waite Park, MN: Rejuv Medical today announced UrgentOrtho, a new priority orthopedic service. UrgentOrtho is same-day orthopedic care for all urgent orthopedic-related injuries, such as sprains, breaks, contusions, dislocations, torn ligaments and all other athletic and sport’s related injuries. It is a way for those suffering from acute pain and injury to receive same-day UrgentOrtho care without the wait time or additional expense to be seen in high traffic healthcare areas, such as an urgent care clinic or ER.“Our new service will improve access to immediate ortho care without the added expense of going to a hospital or an urgent care clinic.” Says Chad Rusch – COO at Rejuv Medical.

Features and benefits of [product/service] include:
• Same day appointments
• In-clinic imaging technology / full evaluations
• Personalized treatment plans

UrgentOrtho will be available starting June 1, 2020, and is covered by most insurance providers*. For more information on UrgentOrtho, please click HERE to visit our website and learn more.

About Rejuv Medical: Our mission is to restore health worldwide. We do this by restoring the body through evidence based treatments that reverse the impact of disease and degeneration, without prescription drugs or surgery. Our whole healthcare approach incorporates regenerative and functional medicine, physical therapy, primary care, nutrition and fitness to bring about lasting and balanced health and wellness.

* Always check with your insurance provider for coverage details.

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