Sell Well, Do Good: New book helps social enterprises harness the power of selling to create impact and help the poorest in the world

Sell Well, Do Good: New book helps social enterprises harness the power of selling to create impact and help the poorest in the world

Sell Well, Do Good: New book helps social enterprises harness the power of selling to create impact and help the poorest in the world


Could there be a better way to sell for social enterprises? Can profit and mission be aligned? New business book will come as a real eye-opener to social entrepreneurs, start-ups and NGOs operating across emerging markets.


Sacramento, CA, 02 June 2021 – Selling is not only vital to the success of social enterprises operating across emerging markets but when aligned with their mission-driven values it can be a powerful force for good, seasoned sales experts Dr. Roy W. Whitten and Scott A. Roy explain in their new book, Sell Well, Do Good: DQ Selling for Social Enterprises.

Sell Well, Do Good – the companion title to last year’s international bestseller Decision Intelligence Selling – applies the authors’ human-centric selling framework DQ Sales® to social enterprises in their work to do good for the poor in the society.  Ditching the old way of selling – pitching, persuading and pressuring – the authors redefine selling in a way that aligns with the mission-driven values and nature of social enterprises.


Co-author Scott A. Roy explains, “To our knowledge, this is the first book written for social entrepreneurs about selling. It is a unique handbook for social enterprises and NGOs about how to sell life-changing goods and services in an ethical yet highly effective manner in the emerging markets, ultimately helping millions of people to get out of poverty.”


He adds, “What we’ve been finding in our work across the world is that too often social entrepreneurs underestimate the important role that sales and sales management plays in the achievement of their mission. However, selling is just such a vital part of social enterprises’ efforts to create positive social or environmental impact.”


Co-author Dr. Roy W. Whitten adds, “Paradoxically, more than any other type of business, social enterprises must incorporate how to sell honestly and on firm principles, while navigating all of the challenges experienced along the “last mile of distribution” that exist in a development context. The crux of the matter is that the ethical standard for selling is actually far higher in social enterprises than it is for commercial ventures.”

Featuring 20 interviews of social entrepreneurs and funders who make the case for how selling is central to delivering their mission, Sell Well, Do Good contains the sales and management methods that the authors’ consultancy, Whitten & Roy Partnership, has used for more than a decade to transform sales performance in its developing world clients. Throughout the book, the authors put their readers into the training room to teach them to sell in this new way, which requires breaking through hardened habits, worn routines and fixed mindsets.


Sell Well, Do Good offers a framework for genuinely transformative sales and leadership practices and teaches readers how to:

  • Align their sales function with the mission-driven values and nature of a social enterprise.
  • Set up a sales system that is meaningful and fulfilling to both sales managers and sales staff.
  • Help clients make the best buying decision with the authors’ Decision Intelligence concept that builds trust between buyer and seller, and actually leads the buyer to make an informed decision that they fully stand behind.
  • Have compelling sales conversations that finally ditch the “itch to pitch”.
  • Aim the brain for sales success by discovering the “wants-under-the-wants”.
  • Master the management of attitude by becoming aware of it, learning to shift and control it.
  • Turn off Autopilot, the automatic way of doing things in life, and in fact the ‘problem-under-the-other-problems’ and primary cause of ineffectiveness in salespeople.


The book’s authors, Dr. W. Roy Whitten and Scott A. Roy, are the co-founders of international sales consultancy Whitten & Roy Partnership. With their global consultant network, they have served leading international aid agencies, foundations and hundreds of social enterprises, thus improving the lives of tens of millions of the world’s poor – people who live at the economic “base of the pyramid.”  Over the past decade alone, they have helped to transform the sales results of social enterprises in more than 400 projects across 34 developing countries in addition to their work in traditional Western businesses.


Scott A. Roy spent the first part of his career building and running large direct-sales organizations and co-founded an insurance company in the United States that has grown to over $2B in assets. Dr. W. Roy Whitten, an expert in attitude and its role in human performance and sales management, earned a PhD for his work in transformative learning and change. In over 40 years as a trainer, consultant and coach, he has personally coached and trained over 100,000 people.


  • Liz Ellis, CEO of International Development Enterprises (iDE), comments: “This book is a generous gift to social entrepreneurs working across the globe. Through first-hand stories, Roy and Scott inspire readers to toss aside conventional sales approaches that frustrate customers and sales teams alike. Armed with the right attitude and the collective wisdom in this book, you can’t help but succeed.”

Harriett Lamb, Executive Director of the Ashden Foundation, says: “You will fly through this book, its theory explained through deceptively simple, easy to read stories that will challenge your thinking and behavior. Passionate in their conviction that social enterprises must sell well in order to do good, Roy and Scott outline how selling is more about listening than talking. This book draws upon their deep experience coaching social enterprises to sell well and in line with their values.”


Fred Swaniker, Founder of the African Leadership Group, says: “This is a must-have handbook for every social entrepreneur looking to make a profitable and sustainable impact! With relatable stories and actionable steps, Roy and Scott beautifully outline why it’s important to master the art of selling and offer a transformational formula for achieving this.”


  • Published by US independent publisher Niche Pressworks, Sell Well, Do Good is available on Amazon in both print (paperback $9.99, hardback $18.99) and ebook editions ($7.99) from 01 June 2021. More about the book and authors can be found at:


  • Readers are encouraged to share their thoughts on social media via the hashtag #SellWellDoGood





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About Whitten & Roy Partnership

Whitten & Roy Partnership is an international sales consultancy that helps leading businesses and organizations transform their sales results. Founded in 2009 by sales experts Dr. W. Roy Whitten and Scott A. Roy, Whitten & Roy Partnership today comprises a network of consultants operating in 40 countries around the world.


Drawing on many decades of sales experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, and with backgrounds in psychology and business development, Whitten & Roy Partnership offers an ethical and effective sales approach that is fit for use by socially minded organizations that are genuinely concerned with the well-being of their own people and the clients they serve.


Published in September 2020, Decision Intelligence Selling, the first book by Dr. Roy Whitten and Scott Roy became an international bestseller on Amazon. The companion title Sell Well, Do Good, that is out now, applies Whitten & Roy Partnership’s selling framework to social enterprises in their work to do good for society.


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