5 Unbelievable Ways to Generate More Leads Through Reddit

Reddit is a huge social media website, with more than 300 million active users worldwide. The social giant is an excellent tool for almost any kind of business, as it can help you get updated with the latest happenings in your niche or industry, including the latest trends.

So, how can you use Reddit to generate hot leads?

How can Reddit help your business grow?

Reddit can be a goldmine to those searching for the right place to reach out to their target audience. Here’s how Reddit can help you develop an effective lead generation strategy.  

  • It has the power to make anything go viral.

Reddit is considered “The Front Page of the Internet” because users often find things on it first before other sites pick them up (in a way, it’s quite similar to Quora, the question-and-answer website). This means that once you share something interesting and valuable on it, with a link to your website, you can potentially have hundreds of new visitors in an instant.

  • It offers lots of engagement opportunities.

There’s an unlimited number of conversations you can join on Reddit. All you need to do is use a Multireddit (Multireddits are groups of subreddits) to run a keyword search on the other subreddits. It would be wise to spend at least 10-15 minutes a day to search for relevant keywords in your Multireddit. This would allow you to find opportunities and join active discussions related to your niche or industry, which may not have been possible if you weren’t using Reddit.

You also need to spend at least 20-25 minutes a day acting on these so-called opportunities. Be sure to submit appropriate content, answer queries as insightfully as possible, and quickly respond to those who engage with you. Be sure to engage with your potential audience by responding to them as a Redditor (a registered user of the website), not a marketer. This is to ensure that your business is aligned with the community preferences of each subreddit you participate in.

  • It lets you create a sponsored headline to bring in more leads.

Your paid ads can now be more appealing when they show up in your subreddits, after researching your best options for engagement. You can then create content that will engage in relevant subreddits. You can do this by using Reddit’s self-serve advertising platform to post it as a targeted sponsored headline that can help you generate more highly-targeted leads in a short amount of time (similar to the strategies used on cost-per-lead platforms such as Ads-Supply, PropellerAds, etc.).


When looking for a highly-targeted audience, the very first important thing you should do is to look for them where they usually hang out – social media.

One word of advice, though – Reddit isn’t for everyone. You must be purposeful, creative, and patient in promoting your business, products, or services.