Worthily Films creating conversations about Men’s Mental Health

According to the Mental Health Foundation 1 in 3 men in the UK experience suicidal thoughts as a result of feeling stressed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that men are more likely to die by suicide than women and The Mental Health Organisation studies show that suicide rates are higher in minority communities including men from BAME, gay men, war veterans et cetera.

 Waiting For Time is a short film produced by Worthily Films,  Chelsea Leigh Macleod and Steve Dodsworth, written by Paul Chronnell and directed by The Bashford Twins, starring Ariyon Bakare and Jade Harrison. It was possibly one of the first UK short films to move into production post lockdown. Waiting For Time highlights the theme of Men’s Mental Health: a subject, which may resonate with many, especially after living in isolation for so many months.

Below David Sessions (behind the scenes photographer on WAITING FOR TIME) discusses what attracted him to the project.

“I feel very strongly about stories that touch upon mental health. Growing up in South Africa, in a culture that can be very traditional in their views, I felt there was an underlying… Boys don’t cry mentality. As a gay man, I found it difficult living in a society, which in some ways has really dated perceptions on the modern world. WAITING FOR TIME’s theme of mental health is powerful. The lead character, Heath, played by Ariyon Bakare, is unable to fully express himself- this is a feeling that is or has been relatable to me in the past.

The story has an important message, which is why I wanted to be a part of the project. It discusses the necessity to communicate your truth and express your feelings as opposed to bottling them up inside,” David Sessions

 The Bashford Twins directed WAITING FOR TIME for many reasons one of them being Men’s Mental Health.

“We read the script a few years ago and loved the concept. Waiting For Time deals with men’s mental health and the struggles Heath goes through. This was a big reason for directing this story. There are stories in the media where the suicide rate of men has risen dramatically and it needs to be spoken about more often to help those who need it, ”Bashford Twins.

WAITING FOR TIME has several poignant themes with men’s mental health critically important during the challenges of Coronavirus Lockdown. WAITING FOR TIME specifically particularly embraces black men’s mental health. The Bashford Twins comment on what they would like to change in the industry, saying that everyone deserves opportunities regardless of their race or gender. There are so many untold stories to discover and their needs to be a movement towards making more diverse and inclusive works.

As a new production company, Worthily Films wanted to create something with many layers and complexities, whilst simultaneously provoking important conversations. We didn’t want to make a film about suicide. We wanted to bring light, a message of HOPE.

Worthily Films hopes that Waiting For Time will encourage all men to open up and express their feelings.

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