Worthily Films discuss “Waiting For Time”

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Waiting For Time, produced by Worthily Films and directed by The Bashford Twins, is one of the first short films to move into production post lockdown. In this article composer Philip Curran, who recently won best score for the short film “The Box” at the 2020 Oxford International Short Film Festival discusses his first impressions of Waiting For Time, his experience working with Worthily Films, greatest achievements and goals for the future.

  • What were your first impressions when watching Waiting For Time?

 “I was really blown away. The story, the direction, the acting, production design, the overall look of the film…. Everything. And it was made with such tight restrictions! I couldn’t wait to get started but I was also a little nervous because I wanted to add something special, heighten the drama and emotion of the film, not just have the music hiding in the background all the time.


The Bashford Twins were keen to get some music complete within a short space of time so they could enter WFT into a big film festival. This was a real blessing because I just dove right in, didn’t think too much about it and wrote one long 5-minute cue which became the foundation of the entire score.”

  • How was it working with Worthily Films?

 “Chelsea Leigh Macleod and Steve Dodsworth were an absolute dream to work for. Really supportive, positive and genuinely interested in how the score was going to work for the film. They gave me some notes at the start of the scoring process about the overall emotions they were keen for the music to enhance through the film, which set me off on the right path.

They’d drop in with the odd call to check in on how things were going but they gave myself and The Bashford Twins the space and freedom to collaborate. Perfect!”

  • What’s your greatest achievement and what are your goals for the future?

 “I should really say my two kids are my greatest achievement, and they are, but in terms of my career… Just making a living out of composing music! I get to do something that I love every day and get paid for it. It’s ridiculous really. It’s difficult at times and I still have spells when work is quiet, but it all seems to work out.

If we’re talking about big picture stuff, my dream is to one score an epic sci fi/fantasy film trilogy or tv series. I think that is most composer’s dream! “

Philip Curran’s versatility and his ability to explore and intensify the emotions through music is what made him the perfect fit. He understood what was needed and delivered extraordinary results within a short amount of time. Worthily Films and the Bashford Twins were delighted with what Phil contributed to Waiting For Time.

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