The Growing Popularity of Anime Tours in Japan

Anime is one of the most famous and celebrated features of Japanese culture. A fascination with the artform has spread around the world in recent decades. While anime has roots as far back as the early part of the 20th century, its global popularity has grown massively more recently.

Akira, released in 1988, achieved widespread acclaim and set the stage for 1990s anime phenomena such as Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball Z, and Ghost in the Shell. Hayao Miyazaki’s iconic work with Studio Ghibli, including My Neighbour Totoro (1988) and Spirited Away (2001), have been perhaps the most celebrated anime releases internationally. The extraordinary popularity of the Pokemon franchise brought anime to a new level of appreciation around the world.

Anime Popularity within Japan

As anime’s global prominence has developed, its domestic popularity has continued to grow (just as Casumo’s popularity continues to grow). It is a truly beloved part of Japanese culture. Japan as a nation is understandably proud of anime and is delighted to put it on full display for its visitors. Anime tours have become a popular feature of Japanese tourism in recent years. They are a wonderful way for casual fans or serious enthusiasts (known as “otaku” in Japanese) to learn about and enjoy a thriving artform. You’ll find tours catering to all kinds of interests which combine fun activities, fascinating history and exciting insights into the creative process of anime. An anime tour can be a truly inspiring experience.

These tours usually incorporate a selection of iconic anime sights and characters. They also focus on the history of anime and the creative process behind it. You can visit some of the most celebrated anime studios for a unique insight into their work. Many English-language anime tours are available in major cities. Some incorporate other Japanese culture and history, while others focus exclusively on anime. You can often adapt the itinerary to suit your own schedule and interests. Some of the most comprehensive tours also include your accommodation and transport.

Anime has come to transcend age as well as cultures. It seems to appeal to everyone! Anime tours can be a great feature of a trip for family, friends or individuals. Companies such as Japan Deluxe Tours, InsideJapan Tours, and Japan Anime Tours specialize in anime packages. Each tour will provide a different kind of experience, so it’s worth researching your options thoroughly to find exactly the kind of tour you want. You can also decide if you want an exclusive focus on anime or a broader package which includes some anime features.

Tours in Tokyo

In Tokyo, tours take in iconic anime locations such as the Miyazaki Studio Ghibli Museum, the J-World Amusement Park, and the Pokemon Center. These stops all combine fun activities and fascinating information. You’ll also see Character Street, an expansive shopping center in Tokyo Station with many stores dedicated to anime and manga character merchandise.

You can also do some anime-themed shopping in exciting areas of the city like Nakano Broadway and Akihabara Electric Town. These are really immersive areas that provide truly unique experiences for visitors. The Suginami Anime Museum and Fujiko F. Fujio Museums in Tokyo are also great stops for otakus and casual anime fans alike. Many tours also feature Tokyo Tower, famously destroyed by Godzilla and the scene of many climactic scenes in anime. Tours may also include anime festivals such as Tokyo’s AnimeJapan.

Offerings in Other Cities

Other Japanese cities also offer excellent anime tours. Many major cities have their own Pokemon Center. Kyoto is home to Toei Studio Park, which features some fascinating anime sections. You can also visit Kyoto Studio, a leading producer of anime films. Osaka also hosts an annual anime street fiesta, with attendees engaging in cosplay (dressing in costume as favorite characters). Other cities, like Hokkaido, also have attractions for fans.

You can even find anime-themed restaurants and cafes you can visit. The Pokemon Café in Nihonbashi, Tokyo is one such example, but there are also venues with more niche anime themes. You can totally immerse yourself in anime if you choose. Alternatively, you can simply incorporate elements of it into a broader tour. Either way, you’ll find yourself deeply inspired and intrigued by the world of anime.

Japan Loves Anime

Many Japanese people are deeply passionate about anime and will be delighted to share their knowledge with you. From city to city, they’ll be glad to provide tips to help you get the best possible experience of anime. The enthusiasm of fans can be really infectious even for those with only a passing interest. By the time you leave Japan, you may find yourself a much bigger anime fan than when you arrived!

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