Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Who were the highest-earning Box Office superstars in each state of the US?

Movie fans may be surprised to learn which celebrity superstars have earned the most at the Box Office in each state – with one household name making a record-breaking $27 billion.

Data analysts at NetVoucherCodes have researched where the stars were born and the jaw-dropping amounts each have made at the box office in comparison to their fellow actors in all 50 states.

The reigning champion of the list is Samuel L. Jackson, raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, who has made an impressive $27,774,380,735.00.

Following behind Jackson are well-renowned stars Robert Downey Jr, Zoe Saldana and Chris Evans who each earned between $13-15 billion in total Box Office hits.

Zoe Saldana has found great success over the last year, after Avatar: Way of Water hit it out of the park at the Box Office, boosting her overall total to $14,666,536,663.00.

Oscar winner Brad Pitt also made his mark on the list by raking in $8,855,118,051.00 altogether at the Box Office while former co-star in The Lost City – Sandra Bullock, follows closely after with $6,079,663,472.00.

Indiana ranked lowest on the list compared to other states, but the late James Dean still managed to make $30,194,679.00 – more than any other actor in the state, despite only appearing in three hit films.

One of the recurring themes found in the data was how many of the celebrities featured in the Marvel movies.

Marvel has smashed sales at the Box office in recent years with films like Avengers Endgame and Infinity War being some of the highest-grossing superhero movies of all time.

There are 14 Marvel actors out of the 50 on the list which means 28% of the highest Box Office earners belong to those who have appeared in films from the franchise.

They have collectively made $150 billion together at the Box Office for all the movies they’ve starred in.

The list also shows that it’s not only well-known actors who have earned the most from the Box Office from their respective states, as two famous talk show hosts have made the big bucks even though acting isn’t their main profession.

TV personality Ellen Degeneres earned the most for Louisiana with $2,335,722,204.00 as well as talk show host Oprah Winfrey who has flown the flag for Missipissi with $1,625,859,233.00.

Despite Oprah Winfrey ranking 35th on the list, she takes the top spot for the highest net worth compared to the other stars at $3.5 billion.

John Stirzaker from NetVoucherCodes said: “There are some pretty big names on this list, but even we were stunned to learn how much they’ve made at the Box Office.

“It’s not a surprise Samuel L. Jackson has reached the top of the list as most American households will know his name and would’ve seen at least one of the 139 movies in which he’s starred in.

“But this may be short-lived by the end of 2024 when the third Avatar film is set to be released.

“We predict that Zoe Salanda will rise in the ranking and could take the top spot once the third Avatar film is made considering how Avatar: Way of Water smashed it at the Box Office.

“One of the biggest shocks was how many of the stars that made the list were part of the Marvel franchise, totalling 28% for everyone included in each state.

“Marvel has always been a titan in the film industry, but their success has completely triumphed at the Box Office in the last decade.

“Not only does the data show how much celebrities can make, but it confirms just how big the industry is.”

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