Expand Your Portfolio With Rental Properties In London

All investments, to a degree, are risky. The key is to create a diverse portfolio, that’s relative to your future goals, and the time you have left to save. 

For example, a twenty-year-old, with £20,000 in inheritance from their grandparents. Has time on their side. Thus they can afford to put some money into riskier investments because they have much longer to ride out any bumps or downturns in the market.

In opposition, a 55-year-old, who is nearing retirement, may prefer to put a large portion of their wealth into assets which are perceived as a less risky.

Investing in houses is excellent for people of any age. Why? Because the housing market has demonstrated resilience in times of economic crisis. 

Additionally, providing you buy a residence or commercial building that’s within an area that’s in demand, you should have customers who are ready and willing to sign a lease. 

Once you have a tenant, you’ll have someone who is actively paying off the remaining mortgage on the property, with a percentage of profit leftover which you can spend as you wish. Furthermore, the rental property’s value is likely to appreciate over time. Thus increasing your potential to rise the rental price in future.

Of course, before buying any property to rent out in the capital, it’s wise to conduct some research. For an insight into the amount of rental income, you can expect to accrue from various boroughs across London, the below infographic has you covered.

Average Property Prices by London Borough 2020 from Landlord Lifeguard Landlord Lifeguard“>
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