What is the Best Way to Buy Cheap Cars in The UK – Classified Site, Dealership, Car Lot, or Private Seller

When you are ready to buy a car, specific questions pop up in your mind. The first one is obvious; should you purchase a used car or buy new car? What is the best package your money could buy? How much money you can save on a used car in the UK. And the last and most important question; how should I go about to buy my car? Today, we’ll concentrate on the previous question, as it is vital in terms of savings, security, and liability.

Here you have four main options; buy a car from a classified website like Car Analytics, go to a car lot, search and contact a private seller, or purchase directly from a car dealership. Every option has its relative pros and cons, but before we talk about them, you should decide the car that best suits your lifestyle and needs. The matter can be pressing for new buyers, but if you heed Car Analytics’ advice (the best platform to buy used cars UK), you will learn a few tricks to pull this off.

Remember, we are saving the best option for the last.

Private Seller

A private seller can either be a routine dealer earning his livelihood by car business or just a regular guy wanting to replace his/her car. No matter what, the process of buying can be troublesome for you. The owner may not mention defects in the vehicle, and you have to frisk the vehicle for errors on your own thoroughly. Before cutting the deal, have the car inspected by an expert mechanic. He may guide you about the prices of different components or upgrades and detect any hidden fault in the vehicle. Always compare the cost of the car with your local automotive market checking the brand, model year, and condition.


       A private seller may need urgent money so they might sell the car cheap

       The prices can be negotiated

       Unlike car lots, private sellers set a lower starting price for their cars


       There are no warranties.

       Very few cars to choose from, mostly just one.

       Since it’s a direct seller-to-buyer business, paperwork is involved, and you have to be careful on your end, signing up the documentation.

       Private sellers mostly hide important facts and faults that may require substantial repairs later on.

       Trust is a formidable issue because private sellers do not have a history or a specific place where they deal, especially when you are dealing with people found on the internet.

       We have witnessed countless cases of fraud. It is wise not to meet them in a solitary place. Also, you should never carry cash with you. Double-check on the credentials of the seller and use your best discretion.

Car Lot/Car Supermarket/ Vehicle Auction Showroom

The vehicles, lined up in a car lot, or car supermarket, do not have any official representation from their respective companies. At such a place, you are on the sole discretion of your wit. The independent dealers owning the car lots are not bound by any law, they will sell you junk for diamonds if they get the opportunity. We do not recommend new buyers to go there without an experienced friend assisting them.

That said, people do buy from car supermarkets because there are certain advantages as well, including significant savings.


       There is a wide variety of vehicles from various brands, and the same models may carry different customisation features. Contrary, a private seller offers you fewer options, and a dealership is limited by space and rules to showcase their vehicles only.

       As said earlier, significant saving due to several options available

       You can negotiate the price, and if you are sharp you can win the bid or convince the seller to add more features

       You can also buy your favourite classic car at a reasonable rate


       Most of the cars have their warranty expired, and old models are totally at the liability of buyers

       They do shoddy repairs or modifications of the components

       Some car lot traders offer you to buy a car on finance, but at high-interest rates

       The cars may carry unmentioned faults, which you have to inspect at the time of the deal. Once you buy second hand car, the dealer is not liable.

Car Dealership

A car dealership is the safest option when it comes to buy any car, with warranty claims and repairs. They offer an open environment to discuss things freely. Additionally, they render services like customisation, insurance, and after-sales & services. The car dealer is bound by law to cooperate in any situation and make free repairs under warranty or when car recalls are caused due to faulty components.


       Cars are certified with warranties.

       Dealerships offer the best financing options at reasonable rates.

       Vehicles are inspected by expert technicians before they leave the showroom.

       Dealerships offer customisation packages and different trims at low-interest rates.

       You don’t have to deal with much paperwork; you can even skip the trivial details because their trusted representation cannot cheat on buyers.


       Prices are fixed and you cannot negotiate them.

       As you deal with sales representatives, a commission is involved in all sales.

       Dealerships have a limited number of brands and variety

       Mostly new cars are available, unlike old models and classic vehicles found in car lots

By going through the abovementioned tips, you are now equipped with firsthand knowledge enabling you to buy a car effortlessly. If you are looking for a brand new car, car dealerships would undoubtedly be the best option.

However, if you are finding a used car with plenty of options, visit car lots or save your time and buy car online at Car Analytics through our trusted partner Desperate Seller.

CarAnalytics Classified Service

It is a free car buying service from the UK’s most reliable and cheapest car check platform, Car Analytics. There is absolutely no disadvantage of using this service – cheap cars, car finance, and car insurance – you get all under one umbrella.


       We have about 254,476 used cars for sale from the name you can trust. It means more vehicles than you can find in a dealership or a car supermarket.

       Searching through our classified would also give you several options to find a private seller or a dealer near your home. Your choice largely depends on your selected car, model year, condition, and the budget. You do not have to visit multiple facilities to find your dream car.

       Looking to buy cheap cars? All the vehicles listed in Desperate Deals would save you at least £2,000. It is more than generous; you will not get such a deal from any dealership, car lot, or private seller.

       Can’t afford to buy a van or any other vehicle? Desperate Seller offers reasonable finance deals.

       Almost all vehicles listed on the classified site come with a Basic History Check for your peace of mind. So, no need to worry about hidden faults.

       It is a totally free service, and you can buy any car in London, Manchester, Birmingham, or any other city in England, from the comfort of your home. What else could you wish for?

That’s not all! Besides buying a used car at CarAnalytics, you can sell a car, get cheap car insurance and breakdown cover, buy car parts, and so on. Do not forget our prime service; we are premium Car Data Check providers offering you complete details of any used car in the UK. The information includes car valuation, MOT history, finance details, accidental history, stolen status, keepers and number plate change history, and so much more. Before you decide to buy any car, do not forget to take our full vehicle history check for just £8.95 (cheapest in the UK).

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