SEO Support for Small Businesses

Businesses of all types have suffered recently with the impact of the totally unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic. Sales have dropped dramatically on the high street with customers staying at home where possible.

This has driven sales online in most industries. Businesses who already trade primarily online have been given an advantage, while traditional high street shops with little or no online presence have struggled. These businesses have been forced to adapt their services to be able to take orders online or perhaps start a local delivery service to keep their customers.

Starting out online and marketing a website takes time to do yourself, which unfortunately some small businesses don’t have the luxury of. Digital marketing and search engine optimisation needs a strategy and a skilled approach to get businesses ranking high on Google and other search engines.

At Studio 36 Digital, we know the struggles small local businesses have been facing, and we want to help.

We have launched our new initiative to help small local businesses increase their web presence and bring new customers to their website.

On a limited basis, we will be offering Low Cost SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services to small businesses, suffering from the COVID19 pandemic. This is available to UK and USA businesses only.

We hope this offer of help will enable more smaller businesses to continue trading through these tough times and beyond.

Please get in touch with us today if you feel we could help you.

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