Hippie Speedball releases an anthem for fans struggling with toxic love

The head and heart don’t always agree. This is the struggle portrayed in the newest release by Tennessee-based band Hippie Speedball.

Titled “Don’t Think Twice,” this song crawls through your darkest thoughts and lets them dance to the psych-rock rhythm. It exposes the feeling of being in a toxic relationship and the war we all wage within to break free.

“Don’t Think Twice” comes hot and heavy on the tails of the band’s latest two protest singles, “FTP” and “People 2020,” and is the first of three new songs to be released. “Trouble” and “Acid Rain” are due to debut in the upcoming months along with new music videos for “FTP” and “Don’t Think Twice.”

Dylan Taylor’s, bandleader, lyrical storytelling, is elevated by the musical prowess of Daniel Demonica, Dennis Drumond, Jon Von Boehm, and Kirby Bland. The group’s unique blend of talent creates the sound that’s garnering them international attention.

“Don’t Think Twice” and check out Hippie Speedball now. Their new single comes out on the 15th!


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