The best everyday cars for 2020

Heading out to buy a new car soon? Right now is a pretty good time. According to Money Saving Expert, your best deals come at the end of every quarter as dealers scramble to meet their targets, and the end of September represents the end of quarter three.

Buying a new car is a big commitment with a mountain of factors to consider, not least which of the countless new options to choose from. To try and make it a little easier, here’s a brief guide on what your priorities should be when buying new, and a few big names from this year that should be near the top of your shopping list.

What to think about when buying a car

Don’t go rushing into a purchase. There are a number of things you need to have figured out first:

  • Your budget. Know how much you want to spend and stick to it. For many new car buyers, a finance deal is the only practical way of payment. Think about whether you’ll be able to manage the monthly payments over the timeframe given, and how you want to spread those costs ie a larger deposit up front to create smaller monthly payments or vice versa.
  • Your needs. There’s no point buying a two-seater coupe for the school run. Be realistic with what you need the car for and research which models fit.
  • Your running costs. What can you afford to splash out on every month on fuel, maintenance and insurance? Bear your budget and driver profile in mind when purchasing.
  • Your investment. New car depreciation can be a serious thorn in the side of anyone looking to sell down the line. Likewise, any big accidents can leave finance customers in the lurch. Think about investing in GAP insuranceto protect the value of your new investment.

The best family car – Volvo XC60

Volvo are known for being the kings of car safety, making them a long-time favourite with family car buyers. They are, however, now a brand associated with a lot more than five-star Euro NCAP ratings.

Sat in the middle of the hyper popular crossover SUV market, the XC60 boasts all of the Volvo level safety features you’d expect, but also delivers a top-quality ride and handsome looks to go along with a plethora of features. The focus is on creating a top-end family car with no pretence of being a sporty racer or off-road monster.

Its big brother, the seven seater XC90, ticks all the same boxes on a grander scale.

The best commuter car – Nissan Qashqai

A city ready, nippy and stylish small SUV, the Qashqai could easily challenge for recognition in the best family car department but offers a more robust option than a typical city car for the run to work.

The Qashqai offers comfort, economy and a quiet ride, all three of which will work towards making your runs to and from the school/office a touch more relaxing.

The best eco car – Tesla Model 3

When it comes to top level economy, there’s no point in talking in “miles per gallon” anymore. The rise of rangy electric cars has put a stop to that, and there is no option considered better than the standout Tesla Model 3.

A triumph of cutting-edge tech with a single charge range of just short of 350 miles, the Model 3 is also lighting quick, spacious and will make you centre of attention when rolling down the high street. The only problem? You’ll need to get on the waiting list to grab one of these incredibly popular, future-ready runners.

Of course, the models mentioned above represent just a fraction of the stellar options available new this year. So, take your time, do your research and land yourself your ideal car for the next few years.