Jobs To Consider If You Are Changing Careers

Jobs Great For A Mid-Career Switch

In the past, people would choose a job and stay in that job forever. The job people picked at twenty often became their life’s career. It was seen as foolhardy or irresponsible to change jobs. A down-to-earth man would stick to their job! However, these ideals are no longer that of today. Career changing is no longer seen as something bad. Instead, it is the new norm, along with finding work life balance singapore. Changing jobs is now an accepted practice. 

Depending on what industry you are in, changing careers and even industries might be hard. This is especially if your current field is highly specialized. Some careers also require qualifications and this prevents everyone from switching to it willy-nilly. However, there are some jobs that many are able to transit into. In this guide, we will be talking about these different well-paying jobs. 

  • Data Scientist 

Big data is the trendy thing of today. Big data is the collection of large sets of data and using this data to figure out human behavior and how it can benefit a company. A data scientist is a person who takes big data and uses it for their company. As the application of big data can be extremely profitable to a company, data scientists are paid extremely well. According to Glassdor, the national salary average is $118,000. Furthermore, there are various different roles available – data engineering, data research, data visualization, and more. This means that the field of data scientists is available to people of various different careers. A mathematician could come in and work in data engineering and research. Or, a graphic designer could come in and work in data visualization. Whatever it is, you are most likely able to enter this field. At most, you’ll have to take some classes or join a bootcamp to get yourself more proficient. 

Additionally, this field is extremely new and there is much more growth to be made. Getting into this field now could mean that you’d have much room to grow and succeed. An important characteristic for any data scientist is to be able to think and predict what a company would need. If you are able to achieve this, you would become indispensable to the company. 

  1. Social Media Manager 

In recent years, social media is another thing that has become increasingly popular and common. As such, most people would know how to use social media. Many companies require good social media management and this is another job that has been created. If you are someone who enjoys using social media and is aware of how best to create and promote content, this job might be the one for you! Social media managers aren’t extremely well paid. However, they do earn pretty decent wages. And if you are a social media manager for a big company, you could earn up to six figures! 

Social media managers don’t necessarily require any qualifications. If you have any design or art qualifications, you would possibly look more certified. However, ultimately, no exact qualification is available for this field. Instead, a basic requirement would probably be needing you to be knowledgeable and good at handling your own social media accounts. A wide field of professionals could be suitable for this role, such as Psychologists, Business majors, Design majors, and even Sociology majors. They would all have the ability to understand what appeals to the masses and be able to manage a company’s social media accounts to those desires. 

  • Software Engineer 

A software engineer is a programmer who designs, builds, and maintains softwares for clients. A software engineer would need to have programming skills and this is a technical skill that not everyone would have. However, it has been found that a conventional background in this field is not needed. One does not need to have a degree in computer science to be in this field. In fact, a survey by Stack Overflow’s developers found that over 48% of respondents didn’t actually have such a degree. Instead, many of them learned programming skills on their own or through boot camps and online classes. In other words, you could also do the same if you are thinking of becoming a software engineer. 

As the world becomes increasingly more technologically advanced, more and more companies require software engineers to build programs for them. As such, software engineers face the biggest growth in terms of their careers. If you are interested in switching to becoming a software engineer, you can start by learning programming. From there, you should work on different programs and projects to build a credible experience for customers to trust in. 

  • Financial Planner 

Lastly, financial planning is a great job to take on after changing careers. This is because having prior experience in other jobs and life would make financial planning more intuitive and understandable. Additionally, you don’t need an exact degree to go into financial planning. You could be a psychology graduate who becomes a financial planner. After all, financial planning also requires great amounts of working with others. 

Additionally, many financial planning skills are learned when you enter the field. It might seem troublesome as you’d have to undergo specialized training to become a financial planner. However, this is well-worth it. It is also completely understandable as you’d have to manage and sell stocks, bonds, insurance, and mutual funds. Therefore, licensing is expected. 

Financial planners have great potential to earn much. It is all dependent on their own marketing ability and determination. Aside from that, financial planners also have great amounts of freedom in their working hours. After all, they are mainly working with clients. They do not have fixed working hours and this would greatly appeal to many. 


In conclusion, it is never too late to switch careers. It will definitely not be an easy path and you would most likely have to learn some new skills during the switch. However, it can be a great change and renewal in your life. Aside from the aforementioned jobs, there are also others that one can consider if they want to switch careers. If you are planning to switch careers, think about why you want to do so and your own interests. From there, you can look for a job that suits you!