Cheshire Whisky Broker sells Macallan 18 year old 28 bottle Vertical for £44,000

Mark Littler Ltd, a whisky and antiques broker based in Cheshire, has sold a 28 bottle vertical of Macallan 18 year old for £44,000. The sale to an international buyer was completed in the first month of Mark Littler’s new online brokerage store launching.

The story of the vertical gripped the interest of the national and international community as news broke of the seller’s incredible story of receiving a bottle as a birthday present from his dad each year – some of the bottles cost less than £40 originally. 28 year old Mathew decided to sell the collection because he is looking to buy his first house. Now that the sale of the vertical has gone through he has been able to put a deposit down on a flat.

An offer has been accepted for the flat we were wanting to buy and we are just waiting on solicitors and other legalities to finalise and then with some luck we will be moving in in a month or two,” explains Matthew. Who has also started a collection to eventually hand down to his own children. “I already have started my new collection starting with this year’s bottle, and I am hoping to hand it down to kids in the future when the time is right.”

Matthew’s dad is thrilled that his presents have been so successful for his son, “I am absolutely delighted that Matthew has used his collection wisely and it makes me very proud as a father that I have been able to help in some small way.

The story broke worldwide from New York to Hong Kong and was trending on the BBC website while Mathew was also interviewed on BBC breakfast.

The knock-on effect has been incredible with contacts across the industry reporting a big uptick in interest in whisky as an investment, both as bottles and casks.

Complete verticals are very rare, and are usually split into smaller groups or individual bottles when they are sold, however the appetite for Macallan whisky never ceases to amaze me. We are thrilled to have helped Matthew release the potential from his collection and to have found a new home for the prized collection,” say Mark Littler. “The online brokerage shop is a new venture for us, and to have sold such a great collection in our first month of trading is fantastic and shows the interest in whisky both nationally and internationally.


Contact: Mark Littler / 01260 218 718

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