Restaurant Advertising – 7 Practical Tips for Restaurant Advertisement

In the Restaurant Industry, Restaurant Advertising is like a battleground. It witnesses the aggressive competition that’s present between the restaurant businesses that want to put their brand at the top of the game.

For a restaurateur, it is a given that you’ll want to stay ahead of the competition and being a one trick pony is not one of your options. With all the restaurant advertising choices available, it is not surprising if you’re having a hard time choosing what’s best for your restaurant online ordering business. We’re featuring these practical advertising plans that will benefit you without hurting your cash flow and not taking a huge part out of your profits.

Restaurant Advertising Practical Tips


Again, people feast first with their eyes. If you’re still not working out the visual aspects of your brand, then you’re not making the most out of your Restaurant Advertising expenses. In order to start attracting great numbers of customers, it is important for you to work out everything that’s being seen by your customers.

Provided them high-quality photos that’ll satisfy their eyes, and will persuade them to try out your food service. Hiring a professional photographer may have cost you a bit upfront, but it’ll provide you one of the best ROI services. You’ll be able to use those photos to different platforms, channels, and in many ways you can. That’s why it is advisable to work with a professional in order to achieve these timeless photographs.

Lastly, integrating the effective use of colours will surely help you with your Restaurant Advertising. Make a good observation to the different ads out there and know the psychology behind it. It can serve you and your restaurant business good if you can utilize colours and its promise.


Customers are always going for a good story or message. Through Restaurant or pizza epos software advertising, you have the means to communicate to your customers enthralling stories and messages which could capture and retain the attention of customers to your brand.

It is important to share relevant and rational stories and messages in order to create an impact on your customers. Make sure that you’ve given thought to what message you want to relay to your customers and what do you want them to think about your restaurant business. Make a stand and statement for your restaurant brand and let it reflect your vision and mission for your business.


The demands of the customers are fluctuating constantly, and the same goes with their taste. That’s why for your Restaurant Advertising to be effective, it should capture the trends of the modern market as well. Your restaurant business should be able to ride with the waves of demands from your customers.

It is crucial to a restaurateur to be updated with the current events and trends as it’s a huge help to marketing and advertising. Being updated means you can tailor significant promotions, contests, and specials around a certain event, campaign, or trend.

You also have to watch out the different Food Trends that’s currently taking the Food and Restaurant Industry by storm. Try to be part of the market that offers menu for vegans, gluten-free, pescatarians, and plant-based food items.

Here a great article about the current food trends that’s affected by this pandemic season.


Restaurant Advertising is a dangerous game to play. There are times that you may go overboard in order to gain the customer’s attention, while there’s nothing wrong with things going overboard, you should still be truthful on how you do things.

Don’t ever claim something that you can’t provide or that doesn’t represent your restaurant business or takeaway business. For example, if you claim that your ingredients are from a local-grown supplier but then your customers find out otherwise, it will compromise your relationship with your customers and your local community.

Don’t play the loyalty your customers have given you.


As the competition is already taken out to a different level and to different platforms, it is important to identify which platform will be the most beneficial for your restaurant business. Restaurant Advertising is not just doing ads to every platform and channel there is, but it is letting your customers know about your restaurant business with precise retargeting and marketing.

Prevent spending huge amounts of money in marketing and make a good research on what’s the best platform for your brand. Take a look with the demographics you’re catering and check out to what platform they usually hangout. From there, you can grow your customer base and start to market to other platforms.

It is also useful to have a user-friendly and functional website. Make sure that it’s well optimized and contains the basic information about your restaurant business. And to contribute to your Restaurant Advertising, you can use the photos from your professional photographer and make your website look more appealing. You can also use the testimonials and reviews from your customers and make it visible on your website. This shows your customers and potential customers the legitimacy of your business and adds support to your brand.


Working on your menu is also one way to step up your Restaurant Advertising. You may wonder how, but monitoring and updating your menu could help your restaurant business. By doing so, you can see what items are not appealing to your customers, and what items are working with your restaurant business. From here, you can work out a well-constructed menu that can be maximized in its highest potential.


Don’t underestimate the capacity of Restaurant Advertising to influence your customers’ decision making. A wise move for every restaurateur is to include a call-to-action statement. One of the most used is the “Click Here” campaign.

If you have a new special to offer or opening a new brand, you can use “Be the first to try” and if you’re trying to attract more sales, you may opt to use “You deserve a treat”. There are plenty of statements out there to use, or even better, you can formulate your own statement to success.

Being able to operate during these trying times could be treated as a privilege. And practicing the right strategies, you’ll be able to operate with your highest potential and not having to spend a great amount of money. It is important to stay practical, especially as we’re still uncertain of what’s coming next.

But as you’ve seen with above, being practical doesn’t mean low quality outcome, given the tips, you can still achieve great things by sensible.

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