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About Calmerry

Online therapy entails offering mental health support and services over the Internet. It can be conducted via email, video conferencing, online chat, phone call, or text messaging. An individual might decide to use online counseling due to a variety of reasons. For instance, traditional therapy is not available for everyone because of various constraints, such as location problems.

Also, others find trouble starting face-to-face therapy because their schedules are too tight, and they can’t find time to meet these therapists. Some people snub therapy because traditional sessions are quite expensive, and most people can’t afford it.

Calmerry and other online therapy sites offer a solution for all the above challenges. They are an integrative mental health service that provides therapy/counseling help to individuals remotely and at cheaper rates.

Calmerry was founded under the belief that mental health should be prioritized for the well-being of people. So, the service believes that no issue is too small to ignore and welcomes everyone in need of counseling to sign up.

One notable area that makes the service outstanding is “joining the dots.” The service helps in making valuable networks and enhancing experiences for individuals seeking counseling. It does it by providing access to qualified therapists who assist individuals in getting through various difficult situations.

Acquiring Therapy at Calmerry: How It Works

Calmerry offers a platform for individuals to receive counseling and mental health assistance from the comfort of their own homes. Calmerry provides two types of therapy sessions. Text therapy and live/video therapy.

Text therapy involves the use of a secure chat room to communicate with your therapist at any time. Clients who don’t have time for face-to-face sessions can use this method to receive counseling. Furthermore, it serves individuals with social anxiety who are more comfortable texting than engaging in video chats.

Live therapy involves using video call to access face to face therapy without the need to travel. It provides the real-time benefits of in-person therapy.

With Calmerry, you create an account and decide on a subscription plan depending on your spending limits. From there, a client is matched with their therapist, which takes less than 24 hours. Clients then arrange sessions according to their schedules. With Calmerry, persons can track their progress in therapy.

What Services Do They Offer?

People start therapy because they face different types of challenges. Some individuals struggle with relationships. Others try to work through divorce, while others struggle with gender identity issues. Even new mothers seek counseling to help with their futures. Calmerry offers a variety of services, including;

  • Individual and couple therapy;
  • Text therapy;
  • Relationship counseling;
  • Self-esteem therapy;
  • Career counseling;
  • Grief counseling;
  • Emotional abuse therapy;
  • Family therapy.

Calmerry has licensed therapists experienced with handling all types of issues that patients face. The service offers a safe space for each client to discuss their challenges and receive the guidance they need. Calmerry serves all and does not discriminate based on gender, religion, or any other demographics.

Joining the Dots: The Unique Thing about the Service

It is vital for individuals to get the right assistance on troubling issues. Thus, linking them with expert therapists to give them advice, counsel them, help them heal, and evaluate their treatment progress is essential.

Excellent experience when undergoing counseling is important as it helps you realize the milestones you make. While it can be beneficial to talk about your issues with family members and friends, sometimes you require help that individuals around you cannot provide. Hence, talking to a professionally-trained therapist will help to provide extra support.

Why Calmerry Is the Right Place for Online Therapy

Online counseling has grown through the years, and currently, many sites offer the service. As a client, choosing the best platform to entrust with your mental health is crucial. Calmerry is recognized as one of the best online therapy options online for a good number of reasons.


Many people are discouraged with in-person therapy because of its high pricing. Office-based face to face therapists charge from as high as $120 hourly. That is quite steep for a majority of the population. With Calmerry, however, clients choose different subscriptions, depending on their spending ability. The prices start at $45 weekly, but clients can choose the higher plans for more features.

Freedom to Choose the Type of Communication

Clients can choose to use either text therapy or video therapy sessions, depending on their preference. Text therapy is sometimes more convenient than video counseling, while video therapy is much closer to in-person therapy. Individuals can even decide to use both options interchangeably.

Advantages of Picking Calmerry as Your Proffered Online Therapy Platform

Aside from affordability and the freedom to select a communication mode, there are many other advantages of choosing Calmerry. With this service, you do not only receive counseling — all your needs and convenience are catered to. What’s so special with this platform?

Convenient Matching Algorithm

Choosing a therapist can be challenging, especially if a client has many options available. Calmerry makes it easier for clients by matching them with the right specialist. The platform uses a powerful algorithm for matching, and clients always get matched with the best counselor, specialized in their issues.


Calmerry offers much flexibility for clients. First, scheduling is usually dependent on a client’s schedule and availability. It is different from in-person therapy, where session times are fixed and depend on the counselor’s timetable.

Second, clients can change their therapists when they feel they need it. The success of therapy largely depends on whether a client is comfortable opening up to a particular counselor. Therefore, with Calmerry, you can always exercise the freedom to swap therapists until you find your right match.

Third, through text and video therapy, clients can hold sessions from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. So, one can choose a location where they are most comfortable, which might be better than a therapist’s office.

Great Customer Support

Calmerry values its client, and thus it has set up a reliable customer support for clients. The support team consists of properly trained individuals who are always ready to assist patients with their concerns. The support staffs respond swiftly and are available 24/7.

Privacy and Security

The platform protects client information from unlawful exposure. The service has passed the HIPAA guidelines with its servers, and thus it is safe to host clients. Additionally, the therapists are adherent to the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines on keeping records and their security measures.

Trust Calmerry for Secure and Highly-Quality Online Therapy

Get started on therapy with Calmerry today and access a variety of licensed therapists ready to help with your issues. The service offers affordable counseling and protects its clients’ privacy. Start managing your mental health today by filling out the company’s request form.

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