2b Acting launch InView Exhibitions to support Visual Artists

In response to the ongoing crisis, Yorkshire based digital media and theatre company 2b Acting, has launched InView Exhibitions, a 360-degree interactive online video experience, to allow displayed art to be viewed remotely. 

Visual Artists rely on exhibitions to showcase their work, gain recognition, sell their art, obtain commissions. The response to the COVID-19 virus has led to the closure of most exhibition spaces forcing visual artists to rely on websites to reach audiences. For many visual artists, that are not privileged or lucky enough to be  supported by grant funding, this situation leaves them with little option but to compete 

in an online world for attention and they lose the benefits that curated exhibitions provide. 

The idea for InView Exhibitions came in response to artists wanting to stage live exhibitions at the 2b Acting’s basement venue in Leeds but had to shelve the idea when the first lockdown occurred in March 2020. Then later social distance restrictions made getting an audience to the venue impossible. Rather than giving up the company decided to use a 360-degree camera to allow remote viewing of the displayed artwork. With InView enabling interaction the viewer can get instant information simply by looking at a particular painting in the video. 

Online users are looking for new experiences and 360-degree video interaction is a  draw that can benefit visual artists, so they have another outlet aside from just posting pictures or ordinary videos of their work on social media. An InView Exhibition also allows the realisation of the passion for staging artwork in a way that creates interest in the exhibition space for the exhibits to be enjoyed. 

“It is not as good as coming to the basement and experiencing the art live, but we think it is the next best thing”, said David Jones, the promotor of the idea. “We cannot ignore the disastrous impact this crisis is having on certain sectors, especially freelance artists, and so by creating a new outlet we hope it will help improve their situation. If this proves successful for 2b Acting’s basement perhaps other venues can be encouraged to offer artists InView Exhibitions. Especially those with a  responsibility to bring art to the public.” 

The first InView Exhibition displays the paintings of a professional artist, Stavroula  Vertsoni, with her ‘Mothers’ collection which can be viewed by visiting the 2b Acting’s website.

Contact: David Jones:
Tel: 07811544422
Email: dave@2bacting.com

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