2Y3X Expands to Spark Business Growth in MENA

Accelerating business growth in the middle of a pandemic comes with unique challenges. Business owners in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) who are having trouble overcoming common and uncommon growth hurdles now have more help. 2Y3X, a United Kingdom-based program for small businesses, is set to offer marketing, business operations, and support services to entrepreneurs in MENA. Capitalizing on an agreement with Link Advisory, the consultancy plans to help forge rapid growth for companies within 90 days of 2Y3X® program participation.

In the last five years, the program has helped a large percentage of leaders to double revenue. In fact, entrepreneurs who sign up for the program walk away from the first day of consultancy with a fully executable strategic plan, which is designed to give them the necessary tools to overcome business challenges, scale operations, and increase business income. By coordinating with business leaders, the consultants use metrics to build a cohesive approach to sparking business growth.

Like most business consultants, the program strives to improve income and efficiency for participants. According to co-founder, Felix Velarde, 2Y3X aims to equip participants with the resources to break through to the next level. Velarde said these tools help entrepreneurs “achieve their ambitions.” Overall, the results are promising, with some leaders improving reputations, attracting buyers, and enhancing business performance. The 2Y3X consultancy relies heavily on experienced market leaders who give participants practical tools to implement in business processes.

In fact, the consultants all have verifiable, successful business experience. The program itself is born out of a desire for the founders to give businesses the knowledge that the consultants lacked when beginning their respective business journeys. However, now after having realized successful business enterprises, sold companies, and consulted with a wide variety of brands, 2Y3X program leaders take the knowledge they’ve learned and pass it on to program participants.

LINK Advisory’s leadership supports the 2Y3X expansion to MENA, calling it an essential component in helping the region recover from economic turmoil caused by the pandemic. CEO Georges Chakar says building “agile and resilient” businesses will help the region’s entrepreneurs to grow and take advantage of opportunities in the market.

The 2Y3X process is based on scientific models, helping businesses to reach targeted goals. Program directors create a framework, which allows executives to excel. From choosing teams that increase productivity to retaining customers, the program is developed to help each company to overcome any growth challenges. The strategy motivates leaders and improves the business structure to optimize expansion efforts.

A 90-day 2Y3X QuickMap® version is available for companies which require an immediate turnaround to improve business outcomes. However, the full 2Y3X program lasts two years, giving leaders time to learn new concepts, scale, and propel the business in the market.

LINK Advisory implements business strategies to foster growth and customer advocacy, helping companies to transform business models. Working with the area’s most recognizable brands, including those in telecom, government, tourism, retail, and hospitality, Link uses a people-focused approach to improve business sustainability.

Visit 2Y3X.com to read more detailed information about the program.