14 Tips To Improve The Security Of Your Business

No matter what kind of business you operate, your premises will have a range of valuable assets which you will need to make secure. Whether it’s your private documents, computer systems, data or cash, there are several ways to improve your security measures. 

 Use an alarm system 

 If you are serious about improving the security of your premises, it’s a good idea to install an alarm system. An alarm system can function to alert the police within a short time frame should this be necessary. Alarm systems can also connect with the appropriate employee via the use of a monitoring station. The emergency signals are transmitted via an internet or phone connection straight to the monitoring station. 

Install CCTV

 The presence of CCTV cameras can act as deterrents to any potential criminals. You’ll be able to monitor visitors and employees on site which will help you to ensure that everything is safe and sound. If anything goes wrong, you’ll have the CCTV footage to look back on. Should a crime occur, your CCTV monitoring will mean that you’ll have the evidence that you need. Whenever a problem or dispute takes place on your premises, you’ll have the cameras there to help you make the right call. 

Hire a security guard 

Hiring a professional security guard is a great way to protect your business. The mere presence of a security guard also acts as an excellent deterrent for potential thieves. By hiring a guard, you’ll achieve peace of mind for yourself, your customers and your employees. A professional security guard will be well trained when it comes to handling crime. They will know exactly how to respond should any criminal activity occur. Security professionals may also take on the role of monitoring your video surveillance footage or restricting access to certain places. A top Security company will be able to offer you a solution that’s tailored to the needs of your business. 

Consider your locks 

High-quality locks are critical if you want high levels of security protection. Locks will need to adhere to British standards, the BS 3621 lock is the overall required standard, and this may be referred to in your insurance policy. Some businesses like to go for remote lock systems. Electronic keyless locks, for instance, use a code or card to grant access. With these types of locks, your business can monitor live traffic. Another option are biometric lock systems, generally these work via scanning fingerprints or facial features. Such systems are incredibly accurate and so could afford your company the peace of mind that you require. 

Make use of a safe

The use of a safe to store cash or valuables is a smart idea to increase your security levels. Some businesses opt for a time lock safe. A time lock safe does not open right away when the combination is entered. These types of safes will only open at a specific time after. You can set this time frame to minutes or hours. The idea is that if a potential thief cannot steal and leave quickly; they will be less likely to target that company. With this in mind, you’ll need signs which announce that you have this type of safe. 

Consider visibility 

Simple things like considering visibility can really help a company to prioritise security. For example, always ensure that your high-value items are not visible to potential thieves. Position your valuable items carefully so that they are not too close to windows. This can be difficult when your premises has large window spaces, but it’s worth it to be mindful of visibility all the same. It’s also useful to consider the best use of lighting in order to protect the visibility of your possessions.  If your company has expensive laptops, you can make use of laptop locks to keep them further secure.

Make your security clear 

One of the best things that you can do to deter thieves is to advertise your security methods. If you have CCTV, a safe, or security guards; use signage to make these things even more evident. If you advertise your premises as a tightly secure spot, it’s far more likely that you’ll get the message across to potential criminals. Your customers will know that you are concerned about their safety and wellbeing when they see such systems in place.


As a business owner, you’ll know that security extends to measures to protect your cybersecurity. In recent years cyberattacks continue to grow, and without the appropriate solutions, you could find yourself with problems. With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few measures that you can take to improve your cybersecurity. 

Password managers 

These types of software are used to manage and store passwords. A password manager will store all passwords for different security features or online accounts. The software stores data using encryption so that each password is entirely secure. The user can gain access to everything with the use of one master password. Due to the nature of a password manager, you can use stronger passwords. Robust passwords mean that there is less chance of an unauthorized user gaining access. 

Cloud-computing & cloud security 

Many businesses use cloud computing solutions, and there are many benefits of doing so; from productivity to collaboration and security features. If you’re using the cloud, it’s a good idea to also invest in a cloud security system. Such a system can further enhance your security protection. A great cloud-security system will give you the best protection for all of your data. With this solution, you’ll gain data encryption so that your data cannot be changed illegally or corrupted. Cloud-security software will record each access to your data, including editing or copying. Cloud-computing solutions offer in-built antivirus software and firewalls to keep your information safe.  

 A cloud security solution will also protect your business from a DDoS attack. These attacks are designed to target a huge amount of traffic at your website. A successful attack could result in your site going down. A robust security solution can identify a potential DDoS attack and prevent it. You’ll want to make certain that all your data is backed up. With cloud computing, your information is backed up automatically, so you don’t need to worry about this. If a device with sensitive data is stolen, cloud-computing will allow you to wipe the device clean. 

Update your software 

It’s vital to update your software as regularly as possible; each update will fix any bugs in the old version. If you continue to run old versions of software; you’ll make yourself an easy target. With each application, you’ll automatically be asked to run the update. All you’ll need to do is accept the update. Don’t be tempted to leave it until later on; it’s best to prioritise the latest software for the best security. When it comes to cybersecurity, you’ll also want to consider your staff and their training. If you offer thorough training about how to stay safe online, your staff are less likely to contribute to a security mishap. 

Consider your authentication 

Cybersecurity is much about ensuring that the right users gain the right access. Many businesses are now deploying a more layered system of authentication. For example, once a user has entered their password, they will then be asked for an additional code. The code can be obtained via an SMS sent to a mobile phone. These practices are referred to as multi-factor authentication. Further methods include testing of biometric traits to grant access (facial recognition or fingerprints). Multi-factor authentication systems grant quick and efficient access and minimise the chances of a data breach. 

Make use of a VPN  

A Virtual Private Network is a way of connecting to the Internet, which is intended to offer extra privacy and security. VPNs are often used by companies who are looking to protect their sensitive data. A VPN functions by masking the original IP address via a replacement from the VPN provider. If you use a VPN, any data transfers are encrypted so you can protect anything that you send over public Wifi. Another benefit of using a VPN is that you gain remote control. With this benefit, you’ll be able to access information on the go or from home; thus increasing productivity. 

Get a security audit 

Hiring an IT professional to conduct a security audit is a great idea to improve your cybersecurity. A security audit will involve a thorough check of your system to expose any weak points. Once you know where the vulnerabilities are in your system, you can set about creating a plan to correct these. When cybercriminals are advancing their practices all of the time, it’s key to keep improving your defences!

When you’ve put so much time and creativity into your business, you’ll want to keep everything safe and secure. With the right professional help and policies, you’ll be able to rest easy. Ensure that everyone in the team know their responsibilities security- wise. Such responsibilities could be simple practices from not writing down passwords to making sure that doors and windows are locked at night. 


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