Business Ideas For After Brexit

Another day, another bout of anxieties about the dreaded B-word. But it’s not just about Brexit, we got to think about the other B-word: business. For those people that want to make their mark in the industry, so many feel discouraged because of the potential wasteland that their business idea could end up becoming. But Brexit isn’t necessarily a death knell for any burgeoning business; in fact, it’s about finding the right business ideas. So let’s provide you with some of the ideas that are potentially going to thrive after, or if we leave the EU.

Exports To Non-EU Countries

Due to the pound dropping, this has provided a major benefit to many UK businesses. But for those that are on the lookout to export products outside of the EU, those companies can benefit after Brexit occurs. In fact, there are many that are opening up new opportunities to trade. When you think about the health and safety industry, a company that provides anti-slip floor mats, especially to overseas manufacturing industries, could find themselves making a decent profit. Granted, this is a major question mark in the whole process, but when we think about exporting our products outside of the EU, to places like Asia or even America, increasing supplies to non-EU countries is a bandwagon quite a few people are jumping on right now.

Tech Startups

Across the world, technology is something that won’t go away. In fact, the UK is the third biggest market of tech startups after America and China. Despite Brexit negotiations, this has grown exponentially since 2016. And when we look at direct investment into businesses within the UK, from foreign resources, when we look at cybersecurity companies, as well as services like Just Eat or Deliveroo, if you are running a modest tech startup, you could very well find yourself expanding the office quite soon!

The Power Of Content

From blogs to repurposing content materials, the age of the blogosphere is truly in a renaissance period. For those businesses on the lookout to make their millions from content, because of the numerous companies out there that work with American businesses, as well as Australian ones, and in fact any other company outside of the EU, there is a major profit to be had. In fact, the increase of modest, family-run blogs, has seen such a dearth of traffic, they turn to marketing agencies, link building companies, and content repurposing firms to churn out enough content to sustain a blog or a business. And due to the value of the pound dropping, turning to America how to sell content services has never been a wiser move.

Medical Technology

Not just medical technology, but the health and life sciences sectors in the UK has in the last couple of years attracted a high level of investment. Because the EU is quite reticent in terms of drug approvals, this can stifle innovation. While America has been the front runner in health for so long, if Britain leaves the EU, potentially, the investment will increase even more, which can not only help save lives but increase investment into a progressive and exciting industry. And if you look at the holistic health practices, from exercise to diet, this is a weight-conscious society that requires significant investment. After all, people want to get healthier, and they need people to tell them the right way to do it.

While Brexit is certainly hanging in the air, for those businesses that are concerned about where they will be in 12 months time, is it about making a switch? Those budding entrepreneurs have never been in a more precarious predicament. But this means that for all of the small business owners, there are plenty of other industries that are looking to make a killing after Brexit. And while Brexit is certainly not done and dusted, there are numerous companies that are very fearful of the fallout, so surely it’s time for people to be a bit more nimble in their business strategies? The value of the pound is dropping, and there is no potential respite, as such, we’ve got to go for the surefire solutions, such as food, healthcare, as well as the aforementioned business ideas. Tech is growing exponentially because there is such a demand for new cutting edge services when we’ve always looked to the west for pioneering processes, it is crucial that for those people making their ascent in the business world, that they don’t fall flat on their face very soon. 

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