Things To Consider When Extending The Office

There will come a time during your professional career where your current office space simply doesn’t seem large enough. You may be thinking about extending the company and employing many more bodies and this can of course take a lot of time and resources to do. 

Today we are going to take a look at some of the things you should think about when extending an office space from the bare bricks to the crane operating licence, and even to the colours you put on the walls. There are always a lot of things to consider so it is well worth taking into account before you launch a big project. 

  1. Cash

Look at your business capital right now. How much profit are you making each month? How much of this money goes towards operations of the business? If you have a lot of expendable income for the project then go ahead and get started, but if not, it is important to consider whether it is worth spending. 

  1. Try not to overface yourself 

Extending the office will be a big task to take on and it is incredibly important that you are able to put the time into the project when it begins. The worst thing you can do is choose to build a new part of the office during a busy period of sales because this will overwork everyone in the office.

  1. Prepare a budget 

The most important thing to do when you are thinking about extending the office is to make a strict budget and stick to it. This budget will tell you how many storeys you can afford to build and what kind of facilities you will be able to place into the office this year. It is incredibly important to pay attention to every little detail when coming up with a budget and prepare for any issues which may arise during the project. 

  1. Diversify

When you are looking to extend your business and your office space, this is the ideal time to think about diversifying the products or services you provide. If you are building an extra office space or a workshop to create products, you can consider new equipment and supplies to make unique products for your customers. 

  1. Don’t forget infrastructure

When expanding a business you need to think about more than just the bricks and mortar. The business itself will change as you grow and it is important for you to place some solid infrastructure in place so that things don’t become confusing when you do expand and branch out into new areas. 

  1. Delegate

The best resource you have as a business owner when it comes to a project like this is extra hands. There is no need for you to hire a whole new team of people to complete simple tasks when you can get your staff to work on the project with you during office hours. 

  1. Add light 

There is nothing more depressing than a dark office space and as a business owner it is your responsibility to take a stand and make sure that your workers are happy. Add lots of natural light sources and this can brighten a mood in your new space. 

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