Different Types of Signage to Use for Business Advertising

When it comes to advertising, signs are one of the easiest and most cost-effective methods. This is especially true for small businesses who want exposure without breaking the bank. You can place signs on the inside or outside of your shop. Additionally, you can customize them yourself with an unlimited amount of creativity.

When you are searching for signs, consider how many different types of signs there are to choose from. Also consider how each type would work with your shop. Here, you will find information about some of the different types of signs you can use for your own business.

Types of Signage

Indoor signs

Indoor signs can be placed strategically within your shop to serve a multitude of purposes. You can use them to direct your customer’s attention to special deals or items. You can display instructions on products or who to ask for help. You can even put down contact information for the store if you would like. The main purpose of indoor signs is to be as informational as possible.

Customers will find this helpful and time-saving, which will ensure that you receive more positive business. Use them to promote your deals and sales in a way that will be beneficial to both you and your customers.

Outdoor signs

Outdoor signs are one of the most common forms of advertisements that businesses tend to use. They are also one of the most important. They are meant to be customized and placed outside of the shop or nearby areas.


By doing so, people walking by will be able to see it. You can make all kinds of fun designs and include your company’s logo on it in order to grab the attention of potential customers.

If you opt to have more areas to place signs, you can place them strategically to direct people’s attention to your own business. This may also divert the attention of potential customers away from other stores. Outdoor signs are meant to give your business quick and easy year-round exposure.

You hardly have to put any effort into setting them up wherever you want. Additionally, they are cheaper than most other advertising alternatives. You can remove them just as easily if you need to make any necessary modifications.

Sidewalk signs

Sidewalk signs, also referred to as A-frame signs, are lightweight signs that are meant to be placed outside of your business. You can use sidewalk signs for a multitude of different purposes. You can place your menu on them or you can use them as a map to lead to your location.

Sidewalk signs will allow your customers to get a glimpse of what you have to offer before making the decision to purchase from you. Putting the store’s business hours and promotions on the sign will also help influence a customer’s decision to do business with you.

In order for sidewalk signs to fulfill their purpose, you will need to make them really stand out among the crowd. There is a chance that other businesses will have the same idea to use sidewalk signs to promote their stores. You will just have to make your own sign as unique as possible. Use interesting colors that coordinate with your logo and catchphrases. That will make an impact on how well it attracts the attention of potential customers.

Floor signs

Floor signs are a bit less common than most other types of signs, but they have their own unique purposes. They will be able to give directions to your customers to help them find what they need. They can also work as advertisements to promote special sales in some areas of your shop. You have infinite possibilities on how you can utilize floor signs in your own place of business.

You can use many forms of interesting graphics to grab the attention of your customers. You just need to make sure that your floor signs are protected with heavy duty laminate. This will help keep them from getting damaged, allowing them to stay in peak condition for all of your customers to see.

Wall signs

Wall signs may be one of the most useful and cost effective signs you could invest in. You can place them conveniently outside or inside of your shop to attract customers. They can light up with vibrant colors that customers will enjoy seeing. Many stores typically use wall signs to tell customers whether they are open or closed.

Being able to see the sign will give them an extra sense of clarity that also catches their eye. Wall signs come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be easily customizable. You can be as creative as you’d like with them.

Illuminated signs

Illuminated signs will give your business a touch of diversity and sophistication. They will do an excellent job of helping your business stand out amongst its competition. They are perfect to use for more low-lit areas during the night to help your customers easily find your shop. You can have an illuminated sign made in the form of your brand’s logo. You could also use it to indicate whether or not your store is open.

Either way, they are sure to attract the attention of potential customers in your vicinity. Illuminated signs utilize cost-effective LED lighting in its design. This will help you stay in budget while impressing customers with vibrant lights.

Informational signs

Informational signs are essential for operating a business within a bigger mall or department store. The purpose of them is to help people know where each section of the store is located and how to get to them.

They are meant to give accurate information about each location of the store. This will help them decide where they are most inspired to go. They also prevent customers from getting lost in such a huge area. The fonts on informational signs should be readable and large so people can easily interpret them. For more information about various car signages, visit Car Signs’ website by clicking here.


Signs can prove to be some of the most useful and cost-effective forms of advertisement. Understanding how they work and implementing them will benefit you and your business.

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