Broadcasters and listeners flock to online radio during pandemic

Broadcasters and listeners flock to online radio during pandemic reveals changing face of online radio since COVID 

MANCHESTER, England — 2020’s global pandemic has driven more broadcasters and listeners online than ever before. That’s the conclusion of a recent review from online broadcasting platform

Since the COVID pandemic began, online listening habits have radically shifted, with the platform showing figures more than tripling between February and April alone. As the UK’s first lockdown came into effect, saw 3.8m listeners tune into the platform’s radio stations. In February – before lockdown began – that figure stood at 1.2m.

Listeners are now increasingly more engaged with this online content, too. Between February and May, saw interactions – such as making song requests and mobile app downloads – rise from 20k to 29k.

Reflecting on the current trends, founder James Mulvaney said:

I love radio. It’s open and connects people together. People are staying in and choosing to use radio to communicate with each other, help spread positive messages, and create entertainment for those who are self-isolating.

COVID’s impact has also seen an 817% increase in new stations over the period from January to April. With over 44,100 stations, the broadcast mix now includes Everton FC, Australia’s Department of Health, and National Lottery operator Camelot.

Mike Cunsolo, Marketing Director at, believes:

Demand for online services is at an all-time high. Even after the COVID era, things won’t shift back to the way they were. Most people will stay online, ditching traditional methods and embracing the new.

With online radio’s increasing popularity, is committed to evolving the future of the medium. Initiatives include seamless Spotify integration, an enhanced cloud infrastructure, and a platform performance boost for a faster, smoother listening experience. Find out more at provides a powerful, award-winning internet radio platform helping to give broadcasters a voice since 2015. With representatives in the UK, USA, and Canada, and thousands of radio stations all over the world, the company is recognised as one of the top 20 fastest growing tech companies in the UK.

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