XO Atelier presents GREENS Reinventing fast food to reflect social change

Saudi Arabia is increasingly becoming a hub for innovation in the F+B sector. Greens is a quick-fix, healthy diner founded on sustainable principles and responsibly-sourced, organic products designed to boost the immune system and support a healthy lifestyle.

The brainchild of four young Saudi entrepreneurs, it’s part of the macro shift in food design and delivery that is shaping the way we live and eat, and has been conceived to play an important part in the local community.

XO Atelier, the young award-winning design studio that has seen instant success in its first year of business, was the obvious choice to establish a unique design solution sensitive to the concept of the food, and the restaurant’s role as part of the local environment.

The interior design scheme of this “fresh and fast” food experience is focused on delivering high quality ingredients in creative combinations to a new generation of health-conscious diners in Saudi Arabia. This was reflected in the quality of the design and materials chosen, in the structure of the open plan, functional space and in the subtle integration of heritage motifs.

Placemaking was a key process and philosophy employed to ensure the concept had real value to the local consumer. Understanding the needs and aspirations of the community was instrumental:

“All our work today is value-driven and highly contextual.” says XO Atelier Founder and Creative Director Vera Dieckmann. “Our design solution had to take account of how the new, young consumer wants to engage with new experiences and what is important to them – they are aligned with values of trust, honesty and authenticity and this particular space had to reflect this.”

Taking a bold design approach, the casual diner layers unique materials and statement pieces, from the green terrazzo brass-edged bar to the gradated sandy walls and warm caramel leather seating. The entire colour scheme was inspired by indigenous natural elements to chime perfectly with its location.

With Vera’s usual flair for lighting design, the eclectic scheme uses modern day icons like DCW editions Mantis light through to decorative and architectural integrations that spotlight the key features of the diner.

The result is an F+B concept that speaks coherently to the customer, reflects their landscape and community, providing a feast for the eyes and the soul.

“We are known for our signature style,” says Vera. “But this does not restrict our creativity in addressing groundbreaking new projects like the Greens. “We always ensure that we monitor the materials and resources we use, to minimise waste and to be as efficient as possible with how we work. Cooperating with our team of manufacturers around the world we can do that while still offering our clients a wide range of options for craftsmanship and artwork.”

GREENS facts

• The healthy food concept is founded in Riyadh Saudi Arabia ,
• The concept is based on the idea of nature in a jar
• The food chain is controlled and monitored
• All products are manufactured in house
• The dishes are healthy and balanced
• The focus is on healthy lean food and great coffee
• There will be 6 Greens outlets by the end of 2020

About XO Atelier

Creative Director & Founder Vera Edith Dieckmann established XO Ate- lier in December 2018, to fulfill the breadth of her creative potential in the field of design. A graduate Engineer, she specialized in architecture, going on to gain over 23 years of experience across all areas of Interior Design. Working for renowned practices including David Ling in NewYork, Gunther Spitzley in Zurich, Matteo Thun Studio in Milan and DWP Ma- laysia,Vera also honed her skills at Global Hospitality chains Marriott Holdings and Accor, broadening her knowledge of custom product design: light installations, furniture, textiles and accessories. Driven by her innate desire to discover a unique path, Vera launched her own studio to offer clients the support and dedicated services they need. Her official debut as a product designer was born from a successful collaboration with lighting brand Lasvit and firmly established Vera as a native talent in the field.

The handmade glass installation entitled FLOW, launched at Downtown Design in Dubai, inspired a new strand of creativity for her studio.  The team has now grown to accommodate collaborations with creative talents from around the globe, encompassing experts in various fields of design.  Based in Hong Kong, XO Atelier will open a studio in Dubai in 2020 and are looking to expand their reach organically in new markets.  Founded on strong values, the studio creates a work environment that lives and breathes its philosophy, for the benefit of every member of the team and its clients around the world.

Winner of BEST GLOBAL RESTAURANT DESIGN @ International Hotel and Property Awards 2020


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