How Can Your Blog Content Build Quality Backlinks

As a blogger, one of your main goals is to grow your audience and establish your brand, but the competition is fierce, with millions of websites having the same objective.

That’s why search engine optimization (or SEO) is crucial and, of course, backlink building. 

When an authoritative website links back to your page, it’s not only promoting traffic, but it’s also an indication to Google that your content is probably valuable, resulting in higher rankings.

So, how do you get the word out? While there’s a lot that goes into a successful blog, the key is to treat it like a business. 

This means you’ll need to invest the time, effort, and patience required to build high-quality backlinks before reaping the rewards. Here are some of the top ways to help you achieve that.

Create Unique & Amazing Content

With thousands of blog posts published every single day, your content needs to stand out to be worthy of a quality backlink. Why should a credible website feature your blog? What unique value does your content provide? Which problems does it solve? 

Also, consider the format of your content – people love easy to read, bite-sized chunks of information. They also love:

  • “How To’s” 
  • “X Ways to…”
  • Top Tips
  • Ultimate Guides

Moreover, your website itself needs to be top-notch. No reputable domain will risk linking back to a poorly designed site that’s hard to navigate, glitchy, or outdated.

Guest Post on High Authority Sites

This popular strategy, when done right, can significantly boost your search rankings.

Usually, in exchange for a brilliant guest post, a website will give you the option to include a link back to yours. However, the biggest challenge with this method is finding sites that accept guest posts

One way to do this is by searching [Your chosen topic] and:

  • “write for us”
  • inurl:contribute
  • “guest post”

You’ll need to filter out the low-quality results with a domain analysis tool. The higher the Domain Authority (or DA), the better.     

Next, follow the instructions and submit your post, but remember that a high DA site will only accept excellent, actionable, and relevant content. 

Find Broken Links & Outdated Resources

While this method is somewhat forward, it remains one of the best ways to build quality backlinks. The nature of the internet means that things are always evolving. Sometimes, old or expired content gets left behind, resulting in broken links and the infamous “404 Error.” 

These contribute to a poor user experience, so webmasters aren’t fond of them. Nonetheless, you can still find plenty of them to use to your advantage.

First, you’ll need a tool like Check My Links to detect broken links. Next, find high DA sites in your niche that have lots of outbound links. The more external links a page has, the better your chances are of finding dead ones.  

A common method is to search “keyword” +

  • “helpful resources” 
  • “Useful resources”
  • inurl:resources
  • intitle:links 

Once you’ve identified broken links, you can inform the site owner, and gently suggest that they replace it with yours instead. Remember, your content must match the dead link; otherwise, there’s not much motivation.

This method also works for irrelevant, outdated resources. While it isn’t always effective, a webmaster is happy to oblige a lot of the time, because really, you’re doing them a favor, too.

Other Ways to Build Quality Backlinks

Here’s a quick list of other popular methods:

Create Infographics on Trending Topics in Your Niche

This involves finding hot topics in your industry and creating a visually-appealing infographic. These are highly-shareable and can attract a lot of views, and perhaps result in backlinks.

Write Testimonials

If there’s a service or product you adore, why not contact the provider and ask whether you can write a testimonial? This is a fantastic way to build some quality backlinks to your blog.

Use Social Media to Build Relationships

Ultimately, building backlinks is about building robust relationships. So, interact with influencers, appear on vlogs or podcasts, and comment on other sites to gain extra traction. 

Build Your Way Up

Backlinking is crucial to expanding your audience and establishing yourself. Popular ways to do this include guest posting and identifying broken links. However, you can also create infographics or write testimonials while using social media to build long-lasting relationships.

As long as your blog content is outstanding and original, and your website is user-friendly and pristine, you can build your way up the rankings with quality backlinks.

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