Considering Switching Careers in 2021? Here’s Your Definitive Guide

Considering Switching Careers in 2021? Here’s Your Definitive Guide

If you are searching for a change of scene in 2021, you aren’t alone. Many people were stuck at home for the majority of 2021, meaning that there was plenty of time to re-evaluate what matters most in their lives. For many, the face of their industry has changed; perhaps it has put them on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, or on the adverse side of this, it might have kept them at home when they wanted to be out making a difference. Whatever has made you re-evaluate your career in recent months, there are plenty of options to explore if you wish to change careers.

Although switching careers can be scary, this guide will help alleviate your worries and point you in the right direction. Let’s get started, shall we?

Why switch careers in 2021?

2020 was a turbulent year, and many people might be clinging to their safety nets at all costs as we head into 2021. This totally makes sense. After all, in times of unprecedented change, it is only natural to attach ourselves even more firmly to our support systems than before. 

While our instinct might be to cling to what we know as we weather the storm of coronavirus, for some people this simply isn’t the case. Even if you do want to remain in your comfort zone at this time, exploring outside of it is a healthy thing to do. If you are unhappy with your job situation, there is no harm in exploring your options, even if that just means searching online and figuring out where you might want to go next with your career.

Another reason you may be considering changing careers in 2021 is a need to contribute to the world at large. Many of us have been shocked at the state of the world for the past year, and if you feel you want to contribute in a more meaningful way, this could spark a career change. Retraining as a nurse, doctor, working in a criminal law firm, a political advisor or teacher could be the shift you truly need.

How Can You Afford To Change Careers?

One concern that you may have about changing careers at this stage in the pandemic, or in general, is money. In order to quit your current area of expertise and retrain as something else, this requires time off from full time work while you prepare for your new role. Not many people can afford this – and if they can, the risk of being able to find a new job still remains. 

Here are three ways to change careers while maintaining an income.

  1. Work part time while you train. Even if you leave your role and are training for a new position in a different industry, you could still take up part time work while doing this. Working part time whilst training might be a challenge both physically and mentally, but it is worth it for a short amount of time.
  2. Train on the job. A lot of positions allow you to train as you work, earning money from the outset. Some of these roles include teaching positions, nursing, engineering and hospitality. 
  3. Apply for a grant. If you are returning to an educational setting in order to pursue your new career, you can apply for grants and loans in order to complete this course. Many of these grants do not require repayments, but if you do receive a repayable loan, this is often done in affordable installments that can be paid when you start your new career. 

What Is It Like Returning to Education As An Adult?

A lot of working adults with families decide not to return to education. This isn’t because they don’t wish to go back to school, but usually because they feel they might be out of place or “too old” to be there. However, this simply isn’t the case. University degrees are becoming increasingly diverse when it comes to age, race, gender, sexuality and economic background. As an older person returning to education, you will bring different ideas, points of view and experience to the table. This will be a valuable experience that will set you up for the career you want to pursue. 

Which Industries Are Hiring Right Now?

Now to the crucial part: which industries are hiring in 2021? While some industries are struggling in the wake of coronavirus, others are growing rapidly. Here are a few industries to explore in 2021.

  • The transport sector. While many flights are still being canceled around the world, other forms of transport are becoming more and more crucial. Engineering, marketing, sales and architecture are all important facets of the transport sector. Could your next career be in transport?
  • Digital marketing and online industries. The world has moved online in an even more rapid way than before. Companies that previously operated in a hybrid online-offline mode will now be looking to move entirely online as the pandemic has taken hold. Could you help them achieve it?
  • Graphic design. If you have a creative streak and have always wanted to be a graphic designer or something similar, now’s your chance. Companies that are moving online are searching desperately for graphic designers to help take their brand online.

How To Change Your Career

One way to change your career, or at least to explore your options, is to have a consultation with a career advice service. This will help you to figure out where your strengths lie, what you might be good at, and what kind of career is accessible to you. 

Next, it’s time to seek some training and apply for some jobs. This might be a long process, so the sooner you begin, the better you will be equipped to start your new career. While being a newcomer is a bit of a daunting position to be in, your experience and diverse background will be bound to turn some heads!

Overall, changing careers might be on the cards for you in 2021. If you have had time to re-evaluate your career in 2020 and seek a change, use this guide to help you achieve your dreams!