PixelPlex Introduces Its Blockchain-Based DMS That Can Change the Way We Deal with Documents

PixelPlex, a trusted blockchain solutions provider, has developed DocFlow, a blockchain-powered software for efficient document management. The application contains advanced smart contract mechanisms that guarantee 100% data authenticity and uncompromised security.

PixelPlex analyzed the problems that companies often face when working with documents and traditional DMSs. These are issues related to data security, time-consuming doc processing, and risks associated with the use of third-party services. With the launch of its DocFlow platform, PixelPlex hopes to address these challenges and open up new opportunities for business growth and progress.

PixelPlex has highlighted the main features and capabilities of its app. Since DocFlow is based on blockchain technology, all files recorded in the system become immutable, timestamped, and transparent to network participants. Blockchain also helps them track document ownership, usage, and updates. There is no longer a need for third-party services, so companies can cut costs by eliminating middlemen.

The blockchain also provides decentralized data storage and a secure customer registration process through tokenization. With built-in proof of origin techniques, the likelihood of data fraud is close to zero. Thanks to encryption and hashing, documents stored in DocFlow are protected from hacking.

As added by PixelPlex developers, their solution is a permissioned blockchain that allows companies to protect sensitive data and apply multi-level role-based access to the system.

At the same time, DocFlow significantly speeds up all processes associated with document management. For example, company secretaries can enjoy automatic doc processing, issuance, and retrieval, quick reconciliation, and approval. By using the Kafka consensus algorithm, the transaction verification speed is greatly increased, too.

PixelPlex’s blockchain doc management system can be implemented in enterprises of various industries: accounting, finance, insurance, supply chain management, logistics, eCommerce, energy, healthcare, telecommunications, and real estate. The PixelPlex team is always ready to customize their solution and adapt it to each industry and specific business needs.

PixelPlex is a trusted software development company dedicated to blockchain technology solutions. Their professional team has launched 5 full-fledged blockchain networks and built over 50 blockchain solutions, but this is not their only area of expertise. PixelPlex developers also work with AI, VR/AR, and IoT, and advises on cybersecurity and web accessibility.