Smart Contract Development by PixelPlex Sets to Bolster Business Procedures

Smart Contract Development by PixelPlex Sets to Bolster Business Procedures

PixelPlex has a long-standing record in delivering comprehensive blockchain solutions and is always on the lookout for new trends in the industry. Smart contract development by PixelPlex has been especially popular among the company’s customers due to the fact that self-executing smart contract-powered workflows are able to bring about substantial benefits to all industries.

PixelPlex smart contract development team majors in a number of directions including smart contract development or chaincode engineering, smart contract audit, and smart contract optimization. The company builds smart contracts on different platforms, with the most common being Chaincode or Hyperledger smart contracts, Ethereum smart contracts, Echo smart contracts, EOS smart contracts, and R3 Corda smart contracts.

Blockchain smart contracts developed by PixelPlex can offer quantifiable benefits to multiple industries. FinTech & DeFi can get P2P lending and digital banking support, built-in regulatory compliance, and absolute exclusion of middlemen. Supply Chain is guaranteed to prevent counterfeit distribution and can count on goods provenance and chain of custody tracking, and also stakeholder database maintenance.

Thanks to smart contracts, the Healthcare industry is bound to be at an advantage, too. Among the most significant boons are secure business logic for teleMedicine solutions, execution and storage of medical insurance, prescription drug provenance, and control over equipment supply chain. As far as Real Estate is concerned, with the help of smart contracts it will be able to enhance pre-purchase due diligence, support liquid assets, stimulate investments, get full digital audit trail with no human error, etc.

PixelPlex also offers its smart contract development services to such industries as Telecommunications, Legal, eCommerce & Retail, Charities & Crowdfunding, Gaming, Gambling & eSports.

As PixelPlex points out, it rightly prides itself on its KickICO project — an Ethereum smart contract-based platform for crowdfunding and ICOs. Within harsh timelines, PixelPlex developers managed to create an international fundraising ecosystem upon Ethereum smart contracts that is able to support its own KickCoin tokens. Right in the launch year, KickICO was awarded “ICO of the Year” and raised $500M+ and 800K ETH to date.

About PixelPlex: an award-winning blockchain development company with 50+ successfully delivered blockchain projects and 5 offices across the globe. PixelPlex also offers its services in AI, IoT, Hyperledger, mobile, and web development.

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