Is it Expensive to Hire a Google Shopping Agency?

Some eCommerce companies are continually looking for ways to increase their sales. They would often do that by pushing for improvements with their ad campaigns. In some instances, they would make articles talking about the benefits of their product so that users can be persuaded to purchase them.

Usually, the advertisement part will need the services of a professional. This is where eCommerce companies would hire Google Shopping agencies to get the job done efficiently. But some have doubts about hiring them because they think that it is expensive. Like with any other kind of service, it may cost you to pay more depending on the job’s complexity.

Free Account Survey

Before you hire a Google Shopping agency, they may need to make some inspections within your account to determine whether they can do more improvements or not. That is why most Google Shopping agencies will provide a free account survey. Most agencies will do this because they care for their clients’ needs, ensuring they get the proper services without costly expenses. While surveying your account, they might even give you tips on managing it better without the need to pay for their services. Make sure that you choose a Google Shopping agency that provides free account surveys so that you can take advantage of asking several questions or tips for your account. However, this is the only time where they can provide their services for free. Anything more than that, they may have to charge you, and the cost will depend on what you want them to do.

Research and Analysis Stage

Once you have made up your mind to hire their services, the next step is to coordinate with you and your internal team. Doing so will let them recognize the profit goals and overall business strategy. This is when you need to pay for their services because they try to dig information about your account to know what changes or improvements they could make later on. Usually, Google Shopping agencies would ask for the payment once you agree to hire their services. The cost would usually range between $250 to $5,000 per month, depending on how large your company is and how many product data they need to take care of. They are the ones that would provide the summary of costs. Make sure to study the summary carefully to know where your budget is going.

Customize Account and Landing Page Setup

Usually, you pay the Google Shopping agency to do everything to set up and manage your Google Shopping campaigns. One part included in the budget is to customize your account and set up the landing pages. This is the part where they analyze everything about your business and create a custom setup that would benefit your company greatly. They will charge you with the setup fee because they build everything from scratch and do not get it from a template used by other companies. Having a custom setup will always cost you, so you should expect that when hiring a Google Shopping agency.

Efficient Use of Tools and Strategies

While the custom setup will cost you, the Google Shopping agency usually develops specific methods and utilizes tools to cut down your expenses. This is one of the many tactics they use to convince you to hire their services more often. A professional Google Shopping agency needs to have efficiencies and processes to focus their time and energy on the critical parts of the account and keep pace with query segmentation, bidding, device and audience targeting, and promotion updates, to name a few. They even have smart automation that will let them do specific processes faster, enabling them to save even more time.

Constant Reports

It is always best to get constant reports about your account. This will let you determine whether the setup is working or not. If it is not working, the Google Shopping agency will improve until it can achieve positive results. But even if it is doing well in the first place, they can still do more and improve the account whenever possible. They will continuously check your accounts to prevent any loss on your end. Since they always have their eyes open on this area of your account, it may cost you more. Once they see a problem within your account, they have to fix it as quickly as possible.

Overall, you should at least expect the costs between $250 to $5,000 to ensure your Google Shopping accounts are managed efficiently, improve continually, and eliminate problems quickly.

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