Essential Tech for A Remote 2021

Whilst last year may have seemed like much more of a trial run for a change to remote working, for many 2021 is looking to be a much more permanent shift as many businesses re-organise for a more remote future – whilst the change has been quite seamless for many, there are always challenges that may be found later on once you have an opportunity to explore all aspects of work that may have been initially missed. So, what are some essential tech considerations to be made for the year, that may lead to a longer-term improvement in the day to day?

A good webcam and microphone – Relying on the laptop cam and microphone may have been a great make-shift solution for the start of the change, but if you’re going to be relying on remote contact for the foreseeable future with Zoom calls and other online chat, it may be worth investing in a better microphone and webcam to keep things smooth. Most can be had at a very reasonable price; the rise of streaming service has meant that 1080p cameras are much cheaper now and serve as a great solution to improve quality – desktop microphones also fit in here too as something that can be had for quite cheap and drastically improve quality. Both should certainly be considered, as you may not realise how your quality can change from call to call.

Online services – Many have been finding great value in platforms like Zoom over the past year for conference calls and other needed communication, but there’s a wide range of different options available for what can be used to communicate or even improve quality of life for remote working. Those who have made the adjustment to the digital nomad lifestyle have been able to benefit from these for a number of years and many tips for the best services can be found here at and provide a huge number of options for those working either remotely away from home, or from the home office. Some may be needed from the business owner perspective to service a whole team, but just as many can be found for individual use and are certainly worth exploring.

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A standing desk – This may seem like a strange one to throw into the mix, but has been something growing in popularity over the past year and something that has helped many out – you may not have much choice what your setup will look like in the working office and little creature comforts may help the day pass easier, but the home office has many more choices, and a standing desk can help in many different ways, just  from getting you up and about every now and then right through to improving productivity. Some are quite expensive but there are budget options, but should certainly be something considered if you’re looking for tech options that can improve your quality of life whilst working from home.