Gone are the days when travelers have little information about their flights, destination, airlines, and how they would catch up when they eventually arrive at their respective destinations. However, according to Matt Keezer a successful online travel entrepreneur, recent travel industry developments, travelers want timely and reliable details concerning their flights. As a result, many travelers have turned to Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) to provide them a convenient way to manage their stay whenever they travel. With these OTAs, they can now easily compare hotel prices and book them online from the comfort of their bedroom.

Online Travel Agencies arrange and sell flights, accommodations, car rentals, and tours to travelers online. They act as middlemen or third-party agencies that sell travel services on behalf of other companies.

These OTA’s typically offer many advantages and convenience to travelers says Matt Keezer. They do not increase the price of airline tickets. Rather, they offer the same price and sometimes a lower price than you’ll find booking directly with an airline. Some of these OTAs also have a booking system that makes bookings instantly.

There are two major ways of booking a flight: you may either book directly with an airline or book with an online travel agency. OTAs have some fringe benefits that customers can enjoy.
Some of them include:

• Cheaper Prices and Control
In Canada, more than 45% of tourists agreed that they get lower prices on OTAs websites than booking directly with airlines. According to Matt Keezer, “traveling should be fun, and you do not have to break the bank to do so.” Airlines usually give discounted rates to some online travel agencies. For example, if a ticket costs $1000 directly from an airline, you can be sure to save about $50 or more using online travel agencies. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

Additionally, you can have more control over your flights and book itineraries involving multiple airlines whenever you book with an online travel agency. While airlines only allow you to book with them or their partner airlines, OTAs afford you the opportunity to book your first and second leg with different, unrelated airlines.

• Honest Reviews of Customers
OTAs have a huge online presence because that is where they market their services to customers. People usually leave their impartial reviews about particular OTAs they’ve used, and this will be a guide to help you pick the option that suits you. You can even send a private message to online users to have an overview of the OTA that you are about to choose.

• Convenience
Convenience is what both young and old seek. With OTAs, you are guaranteed convenience. If you are planning a trip for a vacation, booking your tickets through an OTA will save you the stress of looking for hotels to lodge as you will get a list of accommodation options to select from on the OTA’s website. You can compare their prices and choose any accommodation you are comfortable with.

If you also plan to go on tours or hire a car when you arrive at your destination, you can be sure that these activities will be done seamlessly because they would have already taken care of the processes ahead of your trip. What’s more? With OTAs, you can book flights well ahead of time. Some even give you the chance to book flights about 300 days ahead.

Although the 24-hour rule that allows you to cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking directly with an airline without any penalty does not apply to most Online Travel Agencies, Nevertheless, OTAs are still very important intermediaries to choose, if you are looking to make your trips more convenient and less expensive.

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