RED Aircraft GmbH Announces its New Head of Commercial

RED Aircraft GmbH is pleased to name Jürgen Schwarz as the new Head of Commercial at RED Aircraft GmbH. Jürgen brings with him vast experience that will assist the company in the future.

Jürgen seeks to further increase RED Aircraft’s customer base and develop relationships with both existing and new clients. He also seeks to promote the benefits of the revolutionary RED powerplant. Communicating to the industry how it can be used to increase performance in several applications, including fixed-wing, rotary-wing, and hybrid platforms.

Jürgen is also enthusiastic about communicating the significant savings achieved by the RED engine in many different areas, including reduced fuel costs, the reduced time between overhauls, and ever-present environmental considerations.

Upon taking up the role, he made this statement: –

“It’s an exciting prospect to work with RED on the next chapter of their growth and to help the industry fully understand the possibilities the RED A03 brings” 

RED Aircraft is an industry leader in producing ultra-efficient, high performance, and environmentally friendly piston engines. From design all the way up to production, maintenance, and testing, RED focuses on efficiency and producing sustainable solutions for the future of aviation. The engine manufactured by the company is both EASA and FAA approved.

Prior to joining RED, Jürgen was the Managing Director at Continental Aerospace Technologies GmbH and EVP of Engineering at the Continental Group level, a company well versed in aero engine production.

He has also held management positions in Pankl Turbosystems GmbH, Mahle-Motorsport GmbH and Mercedes-AMG. He has significant experience in communicating and promoting the benefits of high-performance engines.

Jürgen intends to keep the industry informed of RED progress and to communicate the significant advantages of the RED A03. As he settles into his new role, he is committed to making regular monthly communications across all business areas.

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