Most Common Examples of Workplace Discrimination

Our workplaces are supposed to be a space where a group of people gathers together to complete a shared goal.  Although most conversations should usually stay attached to this goal and job, we’re social creatures by nature.  Unfortunately, with socialization comes people who are willing to show their unsavory, or hurtful, opinions without caring about those around them.  This discrimination can hurt their coworkers and create a space that doesn’t feel welcoming to anyone except for that employee.

Here are the top examples of workplace discrimination.  Nobody should have to deal with any of these when they’re just trying to work.

Retaliation Discrimination

The leading cause of discrimination cases and the number one type of discrimination is retaliation discrimination.  This type of discrimination isn’t against the color of a person’s skin or gender but instead about people fearing speaking up.  If an employee doesn’t trust human resources to handle something with care and keeps from talking about discrimination in fear of retaliation: they need to speak with a lawyer.

An impartial HR company is a great addition to any company, as the professionals are all non-bias.

Racial Discrimination

Everyone knows what this type of discrimination is and why it’s terrible: and yet it’s still prevalent o this day.  Racial discrimination is when someone verbally, financially, or physically abuses someone else due to their skin color or where they’re from.  A large part of this discrimination is harmful stereotypes and cruel assumptions.

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

This type of discrimination has been under a lot of attention lately, which has brought it to people’s minds sometimes for the first time.  Harassing someone because of their sexuality, and making rude or hateful comments about it, can’t be tolerated at any level.  Although you can attempt to retrain and show someone they’re wrong, it doesn’t always work.

Disability Discrimination

Jokes about people with disabilities have simmered down a lot in recent years, but it’s still something that lurks in break rooms and work cafeterias. The disability can range anywhere from lupus to wheelchair usage, but each offense needs to be taken seriously.  People with disabilities have just as much of a right to work in peace as anyone else.

Gender Discrimination

This type of discrimination is one of the most well known and documented.  People of a particular gender will get forced into a specific job because of stereotypes, or employees will pester or harass a coworker of a different gender for fun.  It isn’t appropriate, and people deserve to be able to work without this stress.

This type of harassment extends to transgender workers who should be afforded the same rights and protections as anyone else.

Age Discrimination

Discrimination against someone due to their age is a strange and new thing for many people o consider: but it’s there.  Whether an older hopefully doesn’t get the job because of his age, or a young and skilled teacher gets turned down for the vice-principal role because she’s only 26, despite her capable history at the school.  It’s an unfortunate type of discrimination that leaves people with the feeling of anger and embarrassment that nobody deserves to feel.