5 reasons why Clapham is the Best Place to Live in London

Clapham is well known for its versatility. The city gives an unmatchable comfortable and happy vibe for its residents. Located in between Battersea and Brixton, Clapham happens to be the best place to live and one of the safest regions among other areas in London. This city has fewer crime rates compared to other cities in London. With the assistance of Clapham estate agents, it will be easy for people to pick a place to live at Clapham. There are plenty of markets, coffee shops, and boutiques to keep people occupied during their leisure time. Single resident hunting for a flatshare or a family on the lookout for a cute little home, Clapham welcomes everyone with open arms. 


Living alone in peace or amid the hustle and bustle of the people, Clapham gives way too many choices to its residents. Clapham South is more remote from Clapham’s central town and perfect if families love to enjoy a private life.  People can find their ideal spot hassle-free to live with the help of letting agents in Clapham,  who can find a peaceful place for you. While the Clapham Junction is famous for its busy streets and railway station hurrying with people throughout the day. Clapham Common is a large triangular park spread over a vast area of 220 acres in the central part of Clapham town. This region of the city has got an extended network of footpaths specifically for cyclists and joggers. This neighbourhood is the Clapham city’s central region, which has a large expanse of green space, which happens to be one of London’s largest open areas. Clapham is best suited for families and children for the number of schools, parks, markets, etc. From busy streets to quiet lanes, people can choose to live anywhere according to their will.


Clapham North and Clapham Junction are a peaceful and pleasant neighbourhood that is budget-friendly for its residents. The inhabitants and students of Clapham North enjoy a large variety of restaurants and bars. It is an ideal town for people to rent or buy a home after knowing how much is my property worth at Clapham. From modern flats that can be shared with fellow mates and students in the Clapham North, Junction and South to the timeless architecture of townhouses in the Old town region, the choices are wide open for the families and young professionals planning to move into the city. Families that are ready to spend a fortune for the beautifully built Victorian and Georgian homes with beautiful terraces can head over to Clapham Old Town. With elegant townhouses scattered all over the region, professionals and families on the lookout for an extravagant life can reach out to this dream destination.


Clapham has its own underground and overground railway station that makes it easier for the professionals and other people who live there to commute. At the same time, the railway station at Clapham Junction is the busiest of all. The city has three tube stations that are well-positioned across the region. There are about 35 trains that run every hour in all the stations at Clapham. Railways are the fastest means of transport in London. People who travel to work or for other purposes daily can choose the tube network and enjoy a wholesome life. If the public transport option is not their cup of tea, they can opt for cycling that is equally popular and most preferred at Clapham!


Most young professionals prefer to live in Clapham for the best shops, markets, pubs, bars and restaurant options the city gives. While the area is well served by the regular chain of supermarkets and stores, small independent shops and markets scattered across Clapham are also present. With a wide range of pubs and restaurants, nightlife at Clapham is a dream come true to its residents, students and office going people in particular. Every Saturday, Venn Street market is a host to a line of fast foods, handicrafts and plant nurseries. Along with these, independent farmer markets are also available on the weekends where numerous cafes, coffee shops and delis are located.


People who love spending more time outdoors can choose to live here at Clapham Common or the Clapham Junction. For the night owls and the party poppers, Clapham is one of London’s best places with a wide range of pubs, bars, and restaurants to happily barge-in during the weekends, followed by a peaceful lunch at the cafes. With a lot of regeneration happening over the past few years, Clapham offers excellent resources and a variety of leisure space like libraries, community centres to the residents. The city has a little bit of everything to give to the people living there.